How Not To Become His "mommy"

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How Not To Become His "mommy"
How Not To Become His "mommy"

Video: How Not To Become His "mommy"

Video: How Not To Become His "mommy"
Video: How To Stop Acting Like His Mommy 2023, March

Some women transfer maternal feelings to their men, and, not noticeably for themselves, become “mothers” for them. Constant caring for an adult "son" is exhausting, annoying and interfering with relationships. And all due to the fact that girls behave wrongly with men.

How not to become him
How not to become him


Step 1

Don't treat your husband like a child. When you send your children to school, you give them a lot of instructions on the road and check if they have taken everything. A man is an adult and no longer needs parting speeches and reminders. If he forgets something or does not dress warmly enough - it will be his mistake, from which he will gain experience.

Step 2

Don't correct him or try to make decisions for him. Always consult with him in making an important decision, listen to his opinion and ask for advice. Show that his opinion is very important to you and that you think he is wise. If he does something wrong, do not rush to immediately make a comment and intervene. Wait until he asks for help himself.

Step 3

Leave him some space for friends and hobbies. Don't take all of his time, let him spend the weekend playing football or fishing. Don't call every hour asking where he is. Stop controlling his life and every step, because he is already out of adolescence and does not need supervision.

Step 4

Don't try to solve his problems. Don't look for his socks, phone, keys, let him get ready for work on his own. Help only if he asks for it himself. But even in this case, do not take the initiative into your own hands, only prompt and carry out his instructions.

Step 5

Stop constantly giving him tasks and reminding him of them. Divide responsibilities around the house, arrange for everyone to do their own. Do not do his work, do not remind him of it every five minutes, so as not to irritate him. If he is an adult, he will do everything himself without your constant remarks.

Step 6

Don’t doubt his powers, encourage him, and don’t criticize him. Praise any initiative, your own decision, or a completed project. Show that you believe in his strength and independence so that he wants to prove himself.

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