How Not To Become A Mother To A Husband

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How Not To Become A Mother To A Husband
How Not To Become A Mother To A Husband

Video: How Not To Become A Mother To A Husband

Video: How Not To Become A Mother To A Husband
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One of the most common mistakes married women make is excessive, almost maternal custody of their spouse. Often this leads to the destruction of love relationships, as a result of which a man starts a relationship on the side or leaves the family altogether. To prevent such a denouement, the wife should not be a “caring mother” for her husband.

How not to become a mother to a husband
How not to become a mother to a husband


Step 1

There is no need to do for a man what he is able to cope with on his own: choose and buy clothes without his knowledge, tie him in a tie, look after his appearance, etc. It would seem that this is the responsibility of the wife, but this is exactly what his mother acted in his childhood, therefore, in the subconscious mind, such actions are associated with maternal care. Of course, you can give your husband unobtrusive advice, but only when he himself asks about it.

Step 2

Never look for a job for your husband! So you will not only appear as a mom who will solve all problems, but also kill his self-esteem, faith in himself and his own worth.

Step 3

Don't talk to a man like a child: “Are you hungry? Would you like some soup?”,“Are you dressed warmly? Put on another sweater! Look, you'll freeze! Mom used to say the same thing, but now her image is projected onto his wife. In addition, do not scold him, especially with children: he will feel like another child of yours. Just express your dissatisfaction with his act the way you would with a work colleague, neighbor, or acquaintance.

Step 4

If your husband takes the initiative, for example, takes to cook dinner, while his culinary abilities are far from perfect, do not kill her at the root: “You chopped the carrots wrong! Well, I slapped the whole stove, and I have to scrub it! Go away, I'll do everything myself! On another occasion, he is unlikely to want to please you, because there will be a “mommy” in front of his eyes, scolding him like an unintelligent baby.

Step 5

Your husband is an adult, he must take care of his family, so do not remind him of what he knows and remembers himself: “Do not forget to take out the trash!”, “Do not forget to buy bread!”. If you do this on a regular basis, then the man will allow himself to be forgetful and irresponsible: “You didn’t remind me, I didn’t do it, it’s my own fault.” This behavior is acceptable for a teenager, but not for a husband and father of the family.

Step 6

Trust your man in everything. Do not underestimate his ability, take the trouble solely on yourself or control his every step. Your husband is able to organize family vacations, buy gifts for parents, solve problems at the school where the children study. Treat him like a reliable person, competent in all matters, on whom you can fully rely.

Step 7

Do not take on the responsibilities of raising your husband, which, as it seems to you, his mother did not cope with in due time. Accept and love a man for who he is, and he will definitely appreciate it.