How To Arrange Corners In A Kindergarten Group

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How To Arrange Corners In A Kindergarten Group
How To Arrange Corners In A Kindergarten Group

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A kindergarten for children is their second home, where they not only play, walk, but also get acquainted with the world around them, and study. Therefore, employees, children and their parents want their group to be cozy, beautiful, to come there with joy every day. This means that the teacher should pay attention to the design of the corners in the group.

How to arrange corners in a kindergarten group
How to arrange corners in a kindergarten group


Step 1

Draw a plan of where this or that play area will be located. Rate their location from the point of view of convenience for children while doing this or that activity. Consider the age of the children when planning. Also ask your parents about their wishes and what they would like to see in the group. Surely among adults there are initiative, creative personalities. And if you need to rearrange furniture, put together, drill, etc., you cannot do without the help of dads.

Step 2

After the plan for placing the corners in the group is ready, proceed directly to their design. Be sure to plan a place where children can play outdoor games. In this area, you can place a small gymnastic wall, jump ropes, balls, hoops and other available sports equipment.

Step 3

You can arrange the zone of the role-playing game in the form of a house, a kitchen. Here, under your guidance, girls can get acquainted with what to cook from, what, how to receive guests, etc. And the boys will be those visitors who will master and demonstrate their knowledge of etiquette. The boys' play area can be located next to the girls.

Step 4

The group should also have a corner where children can draw, practice board games, etc. Therefore, set aside a separate table, at which several people can sit, put on it a pencil holder, a stand with books, paper, coloring pages. Place a wardrobe or bookcase with board games nearby.

Step 5

If possible, arrange a corner of nature, a "living" corner in the group. There may be an aquarium with fish or a cage with a hamster, guinea pig, etc. Be sure to tell and show the children what you can and cannot do with the animal. In the same corner there can be books about animals, here you can bring bouquets for a while, interesting exhibits of vegetables and fruits grown in the country.

Step 6

Place books in a corner of social development. You can ask parents to make small family albums or pedigree in the form of a tree with their children. So the kindergarten will seem even dearer to the kids. And the guys will be able to tell each other about their family, travels, bright life moments using photographs. There may be other attributes here as well.

Step 7

You can also make a music corner in your group. Place a tape recorder or other player, if available, musical instruments there. If the latter are not there, put cards with their image and name.

Step 8

In addition, in the group you can make a corner of decorative and applied arts, or folk crafts. If your locality or region is famous for this art form, such a zone will be especially necessary. This corner will help you to foster patriotism and instill a love of children for work.

Step 9

Decorate the corners depending on the capabilities of yours and the kindergarten. Depending on the size of the room, there may be more or less play areas. You can also match the corners.

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