How To Arrange A Group Room

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How To Arrange A Group Room
How To Arrange A Group Room

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When organizing a group room in a children's institution, it is necessary to take into account the age characteristics of children, their psychological and physiological features. The child should be comfortable in such a room. The atmosphere of warmth and home comfort that a group room must have will appeal to kids and will allow them to develop harmoniously.

How to arrange a group room
How to arrange a group room


Step 1

Making a group room is a responsible event. First, pay attention to the fundamental points recommended by experts. Save an open space for children. The group room should be clearly visible and sufficiently lit. Arrange furniture so that there is room for the pupils to move. Do not use heavy curtains that obstruct air and natural light. Arrange toys in such a way that they are within the child's field of vision and are always accessible to him.

Step 2

When planning to decorate a room, do not forget about space zoning. It helps organize children and makes it easier to manage their activities within the walls of the institution. It is especially important to separate the playroom and bedroom from each other. To highlight areas, use racks, partitions, niches. By the way, the zones can be very different, depending on the content of the educational program. For example, you can separate a corner for story games, active pursuits, or creativity. Zoning helps the child choose an activity that is interesting for him and immerse himself in it completely, without being distracted by extraneous toys and objects.

Step 3

Pay attention to the finishing materials. Choose their color scheme especially carefully. The group room should be decorated in soothing pastel colors. Bright, flashy colors provoke aggression. And too dark - make the room gloomy, depress, spoil the mood.

Step 4

The design of a group room cannot do without organizing public places. Toilets and washbasins should be adapted to the needs of children of the appropriate age. Mount the mirror over the sink so that the child can see himself. Provide him with a personal towel.

Step 5

You cannot arrange a room for group studies and not provide a place for a teacher. Put a comfortable chair or sofa in the room so that the teacher can read a fairy tale to the children or just take a break, for example, during a quiet hour.

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