How To Create A Kindergarten Website

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How To Create A Kindergarten Website
How To Create A Kindergarten Website

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For a private kindergarten, the site is an effective marketing tool, and for a municipal kindergarten, it is an excellent opportunity to establish an exchange of information with parents. In any case, a modern kindergarten needs a website.

How to create a kindergarten website
How to create a kindergarten website

It is necessary

  • Current information about the institution
  • A computer
  • the Internet


Step 1

As a rule, the budget of a kindergarten is not designed to create a virtual institution page on the Internet. Even many private kindergartens prefer to use the services of free website creation, not being 100% sure of the effectiveness of the site as a tool for attracting customers. Therefore, today the simplest and most popular way to create a kindergarten website is to use a free domain and hosting.

Step 2

Free hosting sites suitable for creating a kindergarten business card site include:

1. Hosting from Yandex (sites with free third-level domains like

2. Free hosting from with the ability to use a free third-level domain like

3. Blog hosting Blogspot and Wordpress, allowing you to register third-level domains or connect your own second-level domain and create a free website.

Step 3

To create a kindergarten website, you need to register on the chosen service and choose a well-remembered domain name - even third-level domains can be sonorous. Passwords and logins providing access to the site management console must be recorded and not provided to unauthorized persons not directly involved in the creation, support and development of the site.

Step 4

It is very important to decide on the structure of the site and its content. A kindergarten business card site should be created based on the interests of the site's guests, and this, most likely, will be the parents. Therefore, it is worth posting on the kindergarten website: 1. A page with contact information of the institution, with phone numbers, address and feedback form for visitors' requests. 2. A page with information about the working staff: qualified educators, professional methodologists, competent educator assistants and experienced health workers. 3. An important part of the kindergarten site will be a section of photographic materials: photographs of bedrooms and playrooms, photographs of a playground on the street, as well as photographs and video recordings of matinees, celebrations and children's performances. 4. It is imperative to include in the site structure a page describing the specialization of the institution, the educational and development program for children being implemented. The site design can be selected and formed based on the free templates provided by the services.

Step 5

Even beginners on the Internet can create a simple kindergarten website using this algorithm. However, to create a truly effective tool to attract the interest of the parent audience, you should think about paid hosting with your own domain name. And it is advisable to entrust the creation of a beautiful, functional and effective website for a kindergarten to professionals.

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