How To Create Your Family Crest

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How To Create Your Family Crest
How To Create Your Family Crest

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The coat of arms is a symbol of the unity of the clan, its place in society, reflecting the basic life values ​​and priorities of the family. Few have the coat of arms, since it was originally considered an indicator of belonging to the nobility. However, now with its help you can simply perpetuate your family or create a dynasty.

How to create your family crest
How to create your family crest


Step 1

Heraldry gives people the opportunity to express their individuality. After all, the coat of arms is, first of all, signs of the distinction of the genus. Correctly designed according to the laws of heraldry and coloristics, the coat of arms will protect its owner, unite the clan, giving it firmness, vitality and bringing prosperity and success.

There are several ways to get a family coat of arms.

Step 2

Russia until 1917 was a mighty empire, ruled exclusively by people of noble origin. Each family had a long history and, naturally, an integral feature of the aristocracy - the family coat of arms. It was already after collectivization and dispossession of kulaks that everyone became comrades and the proletariat.

Look at your family archives - perhaps you are a descendant of an ancient noble family that had its own coat of arms. Redraw it and use it boldly, because the laws on what degrees of kinship give the right to use the family coat of arms have long been forgotten.

Step 3

You can turn to experienced professionals dealing with heraldry on a professional basis. You will be given the opportunity to fill out a kind of psychological test questionnaire, which will reveal your character traits, hobbies, significant events in the life of your family. Based on this data, a sample is compiled, which you can change and supplement with certain elements.

Step 4

If you have a talent for drawing, you can create a coat of arms with your own hands. Heraldry is a complex science with its own specific rules, so you will have to study the relevant literature. You can also find programs on the Internet that create coats of arms, but your coat of arms in this case will not be individual and unique, since a limited number of elements are included in the base of this program. In medieval heraldry, a wide variety of elements were used to create the coat of arms. Today, more laconic coats of arms are used, consisting mainly of a shield, a drawing on it and a motto ribbon.

Step 5

Some rules for drawing up a coat of arms:

- the free space on the shield is called the field of the coat of arms. It can be either one-color or multi-color, divided into sectors. There are checkerboard, lily-shaped, leaf-shaped, wedge-shaped and many other divisions, which in turn have their own varieties;

- colors play a very important role in heraldry. Only 7 colors are used: metals - gold and silver, as well as enamels - red, green, blue, purple and black. Magenta is used in the design of coats of arms for royal families;

- the basic color rule in heraldry is not to put metal on metal and enamel on enamel.

Step 6

After choosing the shield, its division, as well as the color, it is worth starting to draw the figures. They can be images of animals, plants, tools, weapons, buildings, structures. The position of the figures is also determined by special heraldic rules. Use such figures that will characterize your family, clan.

Step 7

The coat of arms can be supplemented with a ribbon with a motto. A motto can be a short phrase or phrase that has special meaning for your family.

Step 8

The coat of arms is ready. Now you need to make a verbal description of it, since the same figure in heraldry can have several meanings. The description is also compiled according to special rules indicated in the heraldic literature.

Step 9

The main characteristics of the coat of arms are considered to be its brevity and simplicity.This is an identification mark that must be associated with its owner. The coat of arms is a family tradition that will be passed down from generation to generation.

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