What To Name A Boy Born In July

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What To Name A Boy Born In July
What To Name A Boy Born In July

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If your baby was born in the summer, it's just great - from the very beginning, his life will be warm and sunny. It remains only to find the right name that will suit him and will always help.

What to name a boy born in July
What to name a boy born in July


Step 1

Look for the names of the child's birth date in the calendar. In the old days, this was the main way of choosing a name for a newborn, because earlier it was customary to baptize almost all children without fail. Each day in such a calendar has certain names. For example, in July for the first number it is Alexander, Vasily and Sergey, for the second - Ivan, Zosima, for the third - Andrey, Dmitry, Ivan, Methodius, Athanasius and Gleb, and so on.

You can look at the full list on a specialized website or in the printed edition of the calendar. The day in the calendar, on which the name of the person falls, is called the name day.

Just keep in mind that it is customary to call the child according to the calendar dates either on the day the baby was born, or next to this day. But by no means on the day preceding the child's birthday, especially if you decide to baptize him.

Step 2

Give your son a name based on the zodiac sign. If a boy was born in July, then, according to the sign of the zodiac, he is either cancer or a lion.

Astrologers advise calling Cancer boys: Andrei, Arseny, Valentin, Vitaly, Vyacheslav, Grigory, Denis, Dmitry, Ilya, Joseph, Maxim, Stanislav, Timofey.

Recommendations for lion boys: August, Alexander, Alexey, Anatoly, Anton, Artem, Daniil, Ivan, Ilya, Kirill, Nikolay, Peter, Roman, Rostislav, Savely.

Step 3

Refer to the special characteristics of the child by the month of birth - this is something like an analogue of a horoscope, only compiled by psychologists. Psychologists describe the July people as people with an unstable nervous system, somewhat selfish, but striving for leadership. Men born in July are good-natured, trusting and always ready to come to the rescue of friends.

The following names are recommended for such boys: Anatoly, Vyacheslav, Georgy, Nikita, Eduard.

Step 4

Better yet, just name your son the way your heart tells you, without checking all sorts of calendars and schedules.

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