What Names Can Be Given To Those Born In July

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What Names Can Be Given To Those Born In July
What Names Can Be Given To Those Born In July

Choosing a name for a baby is a difficult task. The name directly affects the fate of the child. July children, like rays of the sun, boldly burst into life. Let's pick names for the summer kids.

What names can be given to those born in July
What names can be given to those born in July


Step 1

Use the church calendar, which contains about 1,100 names. A large number of names in the calendar of Slavic, Hebrew, Latin and Greek origin. Among the names of the church calendar there are some that become even more popular over time. Suppose, according to the calendar for July 5, these are Anna, Athanasius (Athanas, Apanas), Barbara, Elizabeth (Elizabeth, Lizaveta), Lampad, Cyril, Sergius (Sergey). Or for the 22nd July it is Alexy (Alexey), Cornelius (Roots), Maria (Marya), Foka (Fokey, Fokan), Mikhail.

Step 2

When choosing the name of your daughter and son, you can be guided by the sign of the zodiac. July children can be Cancer or Leo by their zodiac sign.

For boys-crayfish names are favorable: Andrey, Peter, Gleb, Robert. For lion boys, names should be preferred: Anton, Leonid, Ilya, Lev, Yaroslav, Ruslan.

For girls-crayfish, names can become happy: Valentina, Lydia, Olga, Emma. For girls-lions, the most suitable names are: Christina, Zhanna, Julia, Veronica.

Step 3

Consider the opinion of psychologists about children born in the summer. Psychologists believe that summer children are flexible in resolving issues. Moreover, such children lack fighting qualities. This problem can be eliminated by giving the baby a “harder” name. Choosing the right name will give your child more self-confidence and will also serve as protection from life's obstacles.

July names are preferred for boys: Ignat, Georgy, Artem, Boris, Andrey, Denis, Ivan, Anton, Roman, Dmitry, Konstantin.

July names are preferred for girls: Antonina, Alla, Lyudmila, Valeria, Maria, Daria, Inna, Olga, Margarita.

Step 4

Search the Internet for a list of famous people born in the month of July. Thus, you can name a child in honor of an outstanding director, actor, artist, writer, scientist, musician, sportsman.

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