How To Make SpongeBob

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How To Make SpongeBob
How To Make SpongeBob

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Few people know the merry fellow SpongeBob SquarePants. This cute character from the pineapple house can live on your bookshelf. Made from an ordinary box, it will sit with its legs hanging and its presence will remind you of the mysterious world of the underwater kingdom.

How to make SpongeBob
How to make SpongeBob

It is necessary

a juice or milk carton, a few pebbles, tempera paints, scissors, a sewing machine, yellow cloth, colored cardboard, cotton wool, thread, a needle


Step 1

Rinse the milk or juice carton very thoroughly, let the water drain and dry. Place a few weights in the box through the hole - these can be pebbles or metal balls. Thoroughly glue the box on all sides with yellow paper.

Step 2

Attach a ruler to the side of the box - from the middle of the top edge to the center of the bottom. Place a mark exactly in the middle with a pencil. Likewise mark the center of the side on the other side. Carefully make holes with a diameter of about 5 mm at the marked points for Bob's arms.

Step 3

At the bottom of the front side, step back 2 cm from each corner towards the middle of the side, mark with a pencil. Here - on the front side (not at the bottom), make two holes for future legs.

Step 4

Take a piece of yellow fabric, preferably a fleece one, and cut out a rectangle with sides 31x1.5 cm. Fold the smaller sides to the wrong side by 5 mm and stitch. Fold in right side lengthwise and stitch, leaving 5mm seam allowances. Craft a second piece of the same yellow fabric.

Step 5

Insert a 30 cm long wire into the first cover and tie tightly with a thread at both ends. Pass the wire through the box through the side holes.

Step 6

Now make the hands. Using the same fabric, cut out 4 triangles with sides equal to 4 cm. Sew two together, folded right sides, leave a small hole unsewn, turn out. Fill the triangles with padding polyester or cotton wool loosely through these holes. Slip them over the ends of the wire and tie them tightly with a yellow string or strong thread.

Step 7

With the thread threaded into the needle, form the fingers at the ends of the triangle. Insert the needle into the center of the triangle and pull the thread from the center to the edge. Now, with the thread over the edge, insert the needle into the same hole from the back. Make three more of these stretches all over the side.

Step 8

Sew Bob's boots. Take a piece of black fabric and cut out two ovals 6 cm long and 4 cm wide, including 5 mm for allowances. Sew, leaving a small hole. Turn out, stuff with cotton wool or padding polyester. Insert the end of the second yellow cover into one of the holes made for the Spunch legs. Use a crochet hook to pull it through the second hole. Insert the ends of the yellow dangling cover into the holes of the boots and secure with a thread.

Step 9

Cut two large eye mugs out of white cardboard and glue them close to each other on the box. Cut two smaller circles out of blue cardboard and glue on the white ones. Draw a smile with red paint, and cut and glue two rectangular teeth from white cardboard.

Step 10

With burgundy paint over the bottom and a strip along the bottom edge 2 cm wide. From white cardboard cut a strip equal to the perimeter of the box and 1.5 cm wide. Glue it over the burgundy strip of Bob's panties. With a thin brush, draw a collar and glue a tie made of red cardboard or a piece of fabric.

Step 11

Draw in dark yellow the spots on the Sponge, three black eyelashes above each eye and black pupils. From the yellow yarn, make a raised edging along all the edges of the box, placing it on the glue.

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