How To Sew Clothes For A Barbie Doll

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How To Sew Clothes For A Barbie Doll
How To Sew Clothes For A Barbie Doll

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Sewing dolls and clothes for them is a very painstaking but exciting job. Barbie dolls, whose body is as close as possible to a human, help to realize their wildest dreams, albeit in such a miniature version. Any needlewoman can master the art of sewing.

Sewing doll clothes is painstaking but rewarding work
Sewing doll clothes is painstaking but rewarding work


Step 1

The material for doll clothes can be the remnants of any fabrics, fur, leather, clothes of the children themselves, which have become small for them. You can also use samples that many companies publish in catalogs. This is how exclusive cuts of fabrics are obtained in an amount sufficient for one dress or fur coat. The best fabrics for Barbie clothes are cotton, wool, linen, fine knitwear, lace and silk. The fabric must be washed and ironed before being cut. For finishing ballroom, evening dresses of dolls, beads, bugles, thin satin ribbons are ideal.

Step 2

The main dimensions of the Barbie doll figure (they may vary within the indicated limits):

Height - 29 cm;

Chest girth (Og) - 13-14 cm;

Width above the chest (Cr1) - 6.5 cm;

Chest width (Cr2) - 7, 5-8 cm;

Waist circumference (From) - 8 cm;

Hip girth (About) - 12, 5-13 cm;

The length of the leg from the inside to the ankle is 13-13.5 cm;

Outside arm length 8-9 cm;

Length from neck to waist (AT) 6-6.5 cm;

Step 3

To create a pattern, you can use both special editions for dolls and regular patterns for adults. In this case, you will only need to adjust the pattern to the parameters of the Barbie. On the Internet resources you can find many patterns created by craftsmen, as well as special programs. First, choose an uncomplicated pattern with a minimum of detail. Cut out with chalk or a thin marker.

Step 4

The main problem that is faced when sewing clothes for Barbie is stitching small parts, as well as stitching sleeves into the armhole. It is better to do this manually, not on a typewriter. First, line up the sleeve and armhole, secure it at four points that will prevent the sleeve from shifting. Only then sew the sleeve round to the armhole. The edges of the sleeves, the hem of the dress and all open cuts can be easily processed using a ready-made bias tape or tape: the edge of the cut is bent, the tape is applied and stitched.

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