How To Sew Clothes For Bratz Dolls

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How To Sew Clothes For Bratz Dolls
How To Sew Clothes For Bratz Dolls

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Bratz dolls are fashionistas, therefore, the wardrobe for them should be fashionable, varied and there should be a lot of outfits. Clothes for these dolls in the store are quite expensive, sewing will help you get out of the situation. Try to sew things with your own hands, because for sure you have many small shreds.

How to sew clothes for Bratz dolls
How to sew clothes for Bratz dolls


Step 1

Before you start sewing, build a base pattern. Use foil for this. Take a small piece and very carefully wrap the body of the doll, fold the folds where necessary, cut off the excess with a razor blade or a paper knife. Straighten the structure, cut along the shoulder and side lines, cut out the darts. Transfer the resulting template to paper. Make the base for the bodice, skirt and pants. Using modeling techniques for real clothes, change the basis of the pattern.

Step 2

After you have built the pattern, lay out the details on the wrong side of the fabric and trace with a pencil or tailor's chalk. Cut out the details, leaving a 0.5 cm seam allowance. Stitch the shoulder and side seams. Cut the sections with a zigzag stitch or manually with a buttonhole stitch, then the product will not fall apart after the first game. Sew on the sleeves. Use Velcro as a fastener. Cut a small piece and sew on the back. Decorate the bodice with braid, satin ribbon, sequins, etc.

Step 3

After cutting out the details of the skirt, sew the darts. Then sew the side seams. Sew on a piece of Velcro and sew on the belt. Recheck the length of the garment, trim the bottom and hem the hem. It is very easy to sew a semi-sun or sun cut skirt. Measure the doll's waist. In order to cut out a semi-sun skirt, divide it into three and draw a semicircle with this radius. For a sun-cut skirt (it will turn out flatter), divide the waist circumference by six and draw a circle. Hem the bottom and sew on the waistband. The skirt is ready.

Step 4

Complete your outfits with hats and jewelry. Sew caps, berets, scarves, scarves. Make beads and beaded bracelets. It will be easier to put them on the doll if you use a rubber streak instead of thread or fishing line.

Step 5

Using a base pattern, you can sew absolutely any outfit for your Bratz doll, from linen to a fur coat. Girls will be able to help you create outfits for a fashion doll, learn how to use a thread and a needle, and acquire needlework skills. In addition, while playing, you can cultivate a taste for clothes.

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