How To Play Dolls With A Child

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How To Play Dolls With A Child
How To Play Dolls With A Child
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Play is an integral part of the life of any child, it is simply necessary for the full development of the baby. Playing with dolls occupies a special place in the lives of both boys and girls.

How to play dolls with a child
How to play dolls with a child


Step 1

Start playing dolls with your child even before he is one year old. Of course, a game at that age won't have a storyline. Perform simple actions with dolls - comb, feed, put to bed. It is quite possible that a child at this age will repeat the same thing over and over again during the game. In this case, try to switch his attention to other actions with the same doll.

Step 2

Try so that as the child grows up, your game with dolls becomes more intense. Go from one action to their sequential chain. For example, first just comb the dolls, and then wash, comb and put them to bed. But do not demand that what you have come up with is mandatory, let the baby show his imagination himself. It's okay if he washed the doll and put it to bed without brushing it. At an older age, the child will build the storyline himself, but until he can do this, you must help him.

Step 3

Introduce different objects into the game as soon as your child learns to perform the simplest actions with the doll. Now in the store you can buy everything for dolls: houses, pieces of furniture, clothes, dishes and much more. But experts recommend doing all this from substitutes, for example, a house - out of a box, saucepans - from molds. Inventing ways to use different objects develops the child's imagination. Make a crib for the doll as follows: take a box, put shreds of cloth in it instead of bedding - the crib is ready. Perhaps older children will not want to play with substitutes, but small children will certainly be interested in such a game, and they will cook soup in sand molds and put the doll to sleep in a box.

Step 4

Show that you are genuinely interested in playing dolls with your baby. Do not start playing if you know that you will be constantly distracted by something, such as having dinner cooking on the stove. The kid should feel that you are sincerely worried about his dolls, love them.

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