How To Make A Stroller For Dolls

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How To Make A Stroller For Dolls
How To Make A Stroller For Dolls

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Girls take care of their dolls as if they were real babies and, of course, want to carry them around like they do toddlers. Make a lightweight folding stroller for your daughter. The simplicity of execution and the availability of consumables allow you to make a doll stroller with your child.

How to make a stroller for dolls
How to make a stroller for dolls

It is necessary

  • - beech or birch wood;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - hacksaw;
  • - metal rod;
  • - bolts;
  • - wood glue;
  • - a piece of fabric.


Step 1

The components of the stroller are two frames (large and small), wheels, axles and a cradle from a cut of fabric. Start by making frame slats. Each plank should be 1 cm thick and 1.7 cm wide. Use a sturdy beech or birch for this.

Step 2

Round off the ends of the rails with a file, sand them together with the edges with sandpaper. Drill holes in the rails: for the wheel axles, for the handle, for the backrest rail and at the junctions of the two frames. Sand the edges of the holes.

Step 3

Make one crossbar for the large and small frames. The diameter of the crossbar is 1.4 cm. The length of the protrusion at the end of the crossbar is equal to the thickness of the battens. If you cannot find round beams for making slats, make rectangular or square slats and grind their corners with a knife, file or planer.

Step 4

Insert the crossbars into the holes in the battens and glue. Secure the frames with screws by screwing them into the smaller frame bar through the holes in the larger frame bars. Make sure that the frames rotate easily relative to each other.

Step 5

Insert a thick metal bar, round bar, or sturdy wood axle into the bottom holes of the rails. Put on the washers from the outside and attach the wheels. They can be made from lollipop or canned metal cans. Place a wooden disc inside each jar and nail it down.

Step 6

In the resulting assembly, drill a hole for the axle and assemble the structure, lubricating the inner cut of the wooden insert and the section of the axle on which the wheel will be located with glue. Close the jar with a lid.

Step 7

Sew the cradle from pieces of fabric. Fold the section for the seat section along the edges and sew the edges. Insert a thin plywood strip inside to stiffen the seat. Provide the folds of the longitudinal segment with buttons, with which the cradle will be attached to the rungs and frames.

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