Should I Buy Pregnant Dolls For Children?

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Should I Buy Pregnant Dolls For Children?
Should I Buy Pregnant Dolls For Children?

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Do you have concerns, but are you confident in your baby and consider him mature enough and aware of the trepidation of pregnancy? You can quite buy him a pregnant doll. Another question: are you afraid of that?

Pregnant doll
Pregnant doll

Games with a pregnant doll are controversial. The toy is a doll with a door in the belly, behind which is a tiny plastic baby. Another option is false bellies, complete with a doll, depicting pregnancy in different months.

Fear of intimate interest

Parents may be alarmed by the excessive realism of the toy. First of all, fears relate to the fact that the doll stimulates the unhealthy interest of children in the intimate aspects of life, up to the development of something pathological.

However, it should be understood that children tend to ask questions about the world around them, to learn its secrets. Initially, they do not divide it into what is permitted and what is forbidden. Interest in one's own body, playing doctor games and related issues is a natural stage in a child's development, which is not caused by a toy. On the contrary, a pregnant doll can be a good visual aid for parents to help their baby explore the world and develop curiosity. For similar purposes, there are special museums that demonstrate the internal structure of a person and the functioning of his systems of life.

Fear of rough games

Another parental fear when playing with a pregnant doll is daring childhood fantasies. A child can start rude, aggressive pranks on the topic of pregnancy and childbirth and in the future form and consolidate an inadequate attitude towards these processes. It is worth considering that children are small mirrors of their environment. If a baby grows up in a psychologically healthy family, where he is not only surrounded by care, but also regularly finds himself in an aesthetic atmosphere, it is unlikely that he will be prone to cruelty in games. If rudeness is nevertheless noticed, it is worth seriously thinking about the family climate and the environment of the child.

Fear of inhibition of fantasy

The main danger of pregnant dolls and other hyperrealistic toys is the lack of stimulation of children's imagination and inhibition of the development of creative skills. These toys are ready-made solutions that do not require objection and are not stimulating to anything.

In the fight against these problems, there are many toys of a different philosophy. As, for example, Walfdor dolls - conventionally depicting a person, with barely outlined facial features and different density of body parts. Walfdor toys teach observation and comparison, help to realize human corporeality, to finish the unsaid. If a child wants to play pregnancy, he can ponder how and from what to attach a tummy to a doll, ask his mother about the appearance of children. Perhaps further he will want to read books on this topic or go to a museum. Along the way, the baby will have many new questions and incentives. At this stage, you can not only tell him the physiology, but also accurately lead to the relationship between the sexes.

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