Does The Child Need A Doll Head

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Does The Child Need A Doll Head
Does The Child Need A Doll Head
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Unfortunately, toys tend to break. Contrary to popular belief, it's not just boys who tend to take apart and break their cars. The girls also take apart and break the dolls. In addition, the toy may suffer from an "accident". And now the doll's body is damaged and cannot be restored, and its head is still in very good condition. It turns out that not all is lost!

A doll's head can be used if you show a little imagination and take your mother as an assistant.

Does the child need a doll head
Does the child need a doll head


A doll's head, especially if it is quite large and has a chic mane of not quite matted hair, can be an excellent training mannequin for a little hairdresser or make-up artist. By the way, similar toys can be bought ready-made. But if you already have a head, why buy?

To transform the doll's head into a real mannequin, it must be fixed on a stable stand. If you need to tidy up your hair or make new ones, it's not that difficult with a regular thick needle and suitable thread. There are many master classes on the Internet that describe this process in detail.

For such a doll-mannequin, the girl will be able to do various hairstyles, experiment with makeup. You just have to buy more hair accessories and doll cosmetics - and you can open a "beauty salon"!

Finger theater puppet, glove puppet

If the doll's head is small, no more than 6-8 cm in diameter, it can become the basis of a finger or glove doll.

It is very easy to make a finger doll. A small "skirt" made of fabric is glued to the neck hole, to which the handles of the future doll are attached. They can be made printed. All that remains is to give the doll a hairstyle, come up with a headdress that matches the image - and the new heroine of the finger theater is ready!

A slightly larger head is suitable for a glove doll. It can be attached to an old glove, and the glove itself can be designed in the form of a suit: sew on the sleeves, the hem of the dress, decorate with accessories, etc. Of course, the doll head also needs to be given a look worthy of an actress.

In addition to playing functions, finger and glove puppets contribute to the development of the baby's fine motor skills.


Or you can give the doll a new body - soft, rag stuffed with any light filler: cotton wool, foam rubber, padding polyester. Thread trims and small scraps of fabric can be used. It is better to take a dense natural material as a base-cover - then the doll will last longer.

You can make a single-cut rag doll, but it is better to sew separately stuffed arms and legs to the body - such a toy will be more maneuverable, it will be able to take more positions, it will be more interesting to play with it.

If you make the legs and arms of the doll in such a way that a few centimeters of fabric will be left between the place of attachment to the body and the layer of filler, they will move freely. The doll will be able to sit, lift handles, etc.

Of course, such a “girlfriend” cannot be taken with you while swimming in the bathroom, and a walk, especially in wet and dirty weather, is undesirable for her. But hugging her, falling asleep, will be just great! And she, like an ordinary doll, will be able to sew new outfits and do hairstyles. Perhaps such a toy will become one of the most beloved for your little daughter - after all, it will keep the warmth of her mother's hands!

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