What Kind Of Doll To Buy For A Child

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What Kind Of Doll To Buy For A Child
What Kind Of Doll To Buy For A Child

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The doll is the most popular gift for a girl. Now in stores there is just a huge assortment: from simple baby dolls to chic beauties in ball gowns. Therefore, in order for the child to like the gift, you need to take a responsible approach to the choice of the doll.

What kind of doll to buy for a child
What kind of doll to buy for a child


Step 1

It is better to give a little girl a soft rag doll or a puppet show (toys on hand). With the help of an adult's hands, the favorite toy will "come to life" and tell the kid an interesting fairy tale. In the future, the child himself will learn to manage his favorite doll and put on home performances. A great gift is a textile doll Tilda, which looks like the heroine of a wonderful fairy tale. This is a very "atmospheric" toy that can become not only a friend to a child, but also a wonderful element of the interior.

Step 2

For a girl who treats babies with tenderness and loves to play “mothers and daughters”, a BABY BORN doll or its analogue will be an excellent gift. This toy imitates a newborn baby, teaches care and tenderness. She can be bathed, fed and rocked, she moves her arms and legs, gurgles and closes her eyes during sleep. In addition, playing with such a doll can serve as a good psychological training for a child if a replenishment is expected in the family.

Step 3

Find out what the child is interested in. If a girl likes a fairy tale or she is a fan of a popular animated series, look after her as a gift a doll - the heroine of her favorite cartoon or a fairy-tale character she likes. There are whole series of dolls on sale - heroes of Disney and Russian cartoons, fairy dolls are also very popular.

Step 4

One of the latest innovations is monster dolls. In 2010, Mattel released the Monster High doll series. According to the creators' idea, these puppet heroes study in the school of monsters. Each character is associated with or identifies with monsters from popular books or movies.

Step 5

The beauty Barbie, which has already become a classic of the puppet world, pleases more than one decade of girls around the world. For her, a huge number of clothes, accessories, furniture and other game add-ons are constantly being produced. You can come up with a whole world for your pet, build her a house, update your wardrobe and make fashionable hairstyles. For girls a little older, Bratz dolls are suitable. These are fashionable beauties-bridesmaids with a chic wardrobe and a lot of accessories.

Step 6

If a girl likes to do hairstyles for dolls and dreams of becoming a stylist, present her with a special model doll for hairstyles and makeup. It represents the head of a doll with long hair and a set of accessories (combs, hair bands, hairpins, jewelry).

Step 7

For girls who are fond of the history of the costume and the fashion of the past, there is a whole series of retro collectible dolls. However, such porcelain beauties are very expensive.

Step 8

A very unusual and interesting gift is the Mia doll. These are large baby dolls with a height of 46 cm, which are similar to their owners. You can choose the most similar option or order in advance an almost exact doll copy of your future mistress. The girl will be surprised and delighted to receive a miniature of herself as a gift.

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