How To Choose A Super-hero Costume For A Child For A Holiday

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How To Choose A Super-hero Costume For A Child For A Holiday
How To Choose A Super-hero Costume For A Child For A Holiday

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Every mother wants her baby to be the most beautiful at a children's matinee or on any other holidays, so that his outfit is memorable and original. An especially difficult task when you need to choose a fancy dress for a holiday: the mother is faced with the task of not only choosing a character, but also taking care of the health and convenience of the baby.

Super hero costume
Super hero costume

Nowadays, children and adolescents have a very fashionable topic - superheroes. One has only to remember the latest popular films: Spiderman, Superman, Catwoman, Batman, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Harry Potter. Do not forget about the heroes of old books: Zorro, the Greek gods from Olympus, Hercules. Also, cartoon images are no less relevant: black cloak, Shrek, Robin Hood, Peter Pen, Ninja turtles. When choosing a suit, be sure to pay attention to both the image itself and the safety of the suit for the child.

The image of which hero to choose

First of all, you need to ask the child's opinion on this topic. Surely, he has heroes that he would like to be like. If the child is at a loss with the choice, help him make this choice, offer options that your baby knows about, watch films with these characters, look at pictures on the Internet.

When choosing, avoid negative characters, you do not need to educate and cherish a "monster" and bad qualities in a child. In addition, the child's peers can note the bad hero, which can serve as a reason for ridicule.

It is also best to avoid the currently most popular heroes. Most likely, in this case, your child will not be the only one in this image. Although, if you are going to make a suit with your own hands, then it will be uniquely unique.

What to look for when choosing a suit

Pay attention to whether the selected hero has any features: a crown, platform shoes, wings, etc. Ask yourself a question: will it be convenient for a child to spend a few hours with such props? Wouldn't it be hard for him, uncomfortable?

After the costume has already been chosen, be sure to let the child walk around in it at home for some time before the event. You will have the opportunity to correct the imperfections of the suit in advance.

When choosing a suit, give preference to the most natural and environmentally friendly materials. Take care of a change of clothes at the event itself if the child gets tired of the suit and wants to take it off.

DIY or buy

If you have the time and desire, then any costume can be made by hand. It will be one and only. Nevertheless, there are a lot of different costumes in stores now.

Better to give preference to specialized stores. Prices will be higher than, for example, in Detsky Mir, but the quality is definitely better. In such stores, works are often exclusive or have 2-3 copies.

A less expensive option is to rent a suit. In this case, it is better to give it to the dry cleaner first, so that your child is guaranteed to put on a clean thing.

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