Things To Do At Home In Self-isolation: 40 Ideas For The Whole Family

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Things To Do At Home In Self-isolation: 40 Ideas For The Whole Family
Things To Do At Home In Self-isolation: 40 Ideas For The Whole Family

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Self-isolation is an acute problem in the spring of 2020, which has affected almost all countries of the world. Many people are not used to spending so much time in the apartment, so a fair question arises: what to do? But quarantine is not a reason to get bored, but an opportunity to try new activities and spend time with your family.

Things to do at home in self-isolation: 40 ideas for the whole family
Things to do at home in self-isolation: 40 ideas for the whole family

What to do at home for an adult

  1. Get some sleep. Quarantine is a great reason to get some sleep. Even if you need to work from home, you won't waste time getting ready and traveling to work. Allow yourself to sleep a little longer than usual.
  2. Do sports every day. For an active life, you don't have to buy a gym membership - now you just need to download an app with online workouts or subscribe to a channel of a good fitness trainer. Choose the method that is most convenient for you and start training.
  3. Master a new skill (or even a new profession). Many online schools have opened free access to their courses - this is not only a reason to gain new knowledge, but also to save a lot on tuition.
  4. Read a book. If you have an unread book gathering dust on your shelf for a long time, or your e-book is full of downloaded works, now is the best reason to start reading them.
  5. Prepare a new dish. Get inspired by cooking videos and books - prepare a real culinary masterpiece that will delight you and your family.
  6. Practice yoga and meditation. Get your nerves and mental health in order by devoting at least 10-15 minutes a day to silence, calmness and meditation.
  7. Revise your wardrobe. Many of us have not left the house since the days when it was still very cold, but quarantine is not an obstacle to the weather - it is getting warmer every day. Put away your winter clothes and tidy up your summer wardrobe.
  8. Make money online. You can, for example, write an article, post a review about a product, offer your services on a freelance exchange. Finding a part-time job on the Internet is easier than it seems at first glance.
  9. Have a home picnic on the balcony. We need air, but you shouldn't break the rules of isolation - you can temporarily enjoy the fresh air, going out onto the balcony, and even have a real picnic there!
  10. Get creative. If you have always felt yourself an inner artist, musician, poet - then it's time to give him free rein. Write, draw and compose - all the more so as a great story unfolds right in front of us for a documentary book, atmospheric painting or inspirational song.

What to do at home for a teenager

  1. Pass psychological tests. Self-isolation is a great excuse to spend time with yourself and get to know yourself. Take tests of famous psychologists, start to better understand yourself and your personality traits, take a test for career guidance - this can be very helpful in life.
  2. Learn magic tricks. Any trick, be it card tricks or manipulating coins, is great entertainment that will help pass the time in quarantine, and then surprise all your friends when you can finally meet them live.
  3. View stand-up. Cheer yourself up - watch the performances of the best Russian and foreign comedians.
  4. Start learning a foreign language. One of the most effective ways to learn a foreign language is to watch your favorite TV shows and read books without translation. In addition, there are now many applications that will help you learn new vocabulary and even choose a training program just for you.
  5. Take an online course. You can take soft skills courses, art courses, or real programs for mastering a profession - the choice is yours, but any of these options will help you spend your time with benefit.
  6. Learn a new dance. Even if you have never danced - try it! Watch instructional videos. Dancing boosts your mood and puts your body in order, so it's worth a try.
  7. Learn to cook. During the quarantine, it became more difficult for adults to cook, because the whole family spends the whole day at home, and, accordingly, food leaves much faster than usual. Help your parents by asking them to take a break and try making dinner yourself.
  8. Meet your friends online. Of course, everyone misses their friends, but there is a way out - video chats. They will not replace live communication, but they are an excellent alternative during quarantine.
  9. Visit museums remotely. Many foreign and domestic museums have "opened their doors" to online visitors - take time for high art!
  10. Try to spend a day without a phone. This is a difficult but exciting challenge to yourself - not picking up your phone for at least one day. Spend time with your parents, read, watch the sunset - even the apartment has many activities that don't need a phone.

Things to do at home with children

  1. Arrange a cartoon day. Turn on your child's favorite cartoons, and then discuss with him what he liked, remembered what characters were in the cartoon, etc.
  2. Learn new words. If the alphabet has long been passed and the child is already old enough, then you can, for example, teach the capitals of the countries of the world.
  3. Grow sugar crystals. You can create stunning crystals with sugar, water, sticks and food coloring - give it a try!
  4. Prepare slime. Children love slimes, and not only the process of playing, but also the preparation itself is fascinating - purchase all the necessary ingredients and create multi-colored slimes with your child.
  5. Conduct simple experiments. For example, making a lava lamp (from water, vegetable oil and dyes) or making a volcano (mixing baking soda and vinegar in a narrow-necked container) - you can find many fun experiments on the Internet.
  6. Visit an online dolphinarium or zoo. Like museums, many zoos and dolphinariums have opened online broadcasts - you can watch your favorite animals live.
  7. Make a salt dough figurine. Salted dough is a great alternative to plasticine. You can mold anything you want from it, dry it and paint - such a figurine will decorate your apartment for many years.
  8. Build a house with chairs and blankets. A fun that many children adore - making your own house!
  9. Weave a bauble. An activity such as weaving baubles perfectly develops fine motor skills - take out multi-colored threads and show the child simple knots - let him make himself a bright bracelet.
  10. To learn a poem. Do not forget to develop the child, his memory and speech - teach him new poems and songs.

Things to do at home for the whole family

  1. Play board games. Monopoly, Jenga, Card Games - Spend a few nights with them during quarantine.
  2. Plan your vacation. Although you cannot go anywhere now, you can plan a vacation, which the whole family will go on after the end of the isolation regime.
  3. Watch a family movie. You can even arrange a whole movie day and watch your favorite films and TV shows from morning to evening.
  4. Arrange a home photo session. Make a photo corner and arrange a photo session right at home! If you can't do it on your own, then ask for the help of remote photographers - many of them, in isolation, switched to shooting "online", which is carried out via video chat.
  5. Make a puppet theater. Make toys, stage and show yourself! Let all family members actively participate in the creation of the characters and the performance itself.
  6. Make cookies. The main work, of course, will fall on the shoulders of one of the adult family members, but you can have a fun time painting the cookies with icing with the children.
  7. Arrange a general cleaning. This activity is not usually considered fun, but it is definitely worth doing spring cleaning, especially since now there is more time for this.
  8. Make your home more comfortable. After cleaning, you can think about how to make the house even more comfortable - maybe hang new curtains?
  9. Make a family photo album. If the photos cannot be printed, then you can make the basis for the scrapbooking album and select the best family photos that you will print after the quarantine is over.
  10. Collect puzzles. If you have a large unassembled puzzle in your closet for a long time, put it together.

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