How To Pet A Guy

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How To Pet A Guy
How To Pet A Guy

Video: How To Pet A Guy

Video: How To Pet A Guy
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In industrial relations, managers often resort to using the carrot-and-stick method, that is, they competently alternate incentives and punishments for workers. Interpersonal relationships are a slightly different sphere of life, in which their own laws and methods work. Among them there are those that will allow you to kindly establish a relationship with a young man.

How to pet a guy
How to pet a guy

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If you want to fondle a guy, then you need to understand and remember the idea that guys and men are the same children, only adding in size and exchanging some toys for others. This means that the tactics of interaction will be similar to communicating with a child. This does not mean that you need to become a "mom", but rather a companion.

Step 2

The best way to caress is to provide the person with what they need. So what are the predominant needs of children and men? The needs for play, delicious food, the possibility of self-affirmation, freedom of expression, as well as love and respect.

Step 3

If possible, share the interests of your beloved man: go to concerts together, go on camping trips, play computer games with him on a local grid, and so on. Joint hobbies bring people closer and closer to each other, and even more so those that go beyond the everyday. However, if you prefer a radically different pastime, do not subject yourself to "torture". In this case, just do not impose your hobbies on each other and respect the existing ones.

Step 4

When it comes to food, pamper your boyfriend from time to time by cooking according to his favorite recipes. Or give him the opportunity to cook for you. Trust me, both options will bring him pleasure.

Step 5

When the man has played enough and ate, it's time to give him the opportunity to relax and unwind. How exactly you need to act at this stage is up to you, since not many people know your boyfriend as well as you do.

Step 6

Appreciate and praise the young person for their real accomplishments. This will instill in him confidence and inspire further self-realization.

Step 7

But it is possible and necessary to support not only statements with a positive assessment of what has been done, but also with the help of a non-judgmental attitude towards the guy. Tell him that he is dear and necessary to you, if this is really so. That you love him and that he is unique. It is very important for men to feel this. And a guy who feels his uniqueness and beloved is by default cuddled.