How To Ask For A Date In An Original Way

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How To Ask For A Date In An Original Way
How To Ask For A Date In An Original Way

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Banality and routine in romantic relationships have no place. If you want to impress a girl and get her to agree to go on a date with you, don't use formulaic tricks. It will be better if you come up with something unusual.

How to ask for a date in an original way
How to ask for a date in an original way


Step 1

Write an invitation in verse. There is no need to copy ready-made works, and even more so graphomaniac delights, which can be easily found on various sites. Better to compose something of your own: let the poem contain only 2-4 lines, but it will be yours. You can send an invitation by e-mail by attaching a virtual postcard. Another option is to write poetry by hand on a beautiful, original sheet and pass it on with one of your friends. For example, you can make a kind of scroll or take an exquisite envelope and gilded paper. You can even write an invitation song and perform it for your chosen one.

Step 2

Order a luxurious bouquet from an online flower shop and ask for a date card to be included in it. At the appointed hour, the courier will hand over a bouquet with a note to your darling, moreover, you can deliver it both home and to work. If you choose the right flowers, the girl will probably not be able to resist such a gift and will agree to go on a date with you. By the way, this option is appropriate even if you quarreled, and the beloved now does not want to talk, and even more so to meet with you. The bouquet will surely become that sign of attention that will help to forget the insult.

Step 3

Ask one of your friends to bring the girl a kind of telegram. It is advisable to print it on a computer in a special font so that the invitation telegram seems quite official. Also, your friend will have to ask the girl to sign for the invitation to a date on a special form opposite the item "I agree to come on a date."

Step 4

Give your darling an antique envelope, preferably sealed with imitation sealing wax. The envelope should contain an exquisite date letter stating that the meeting point is marked on the map. Attach a map of the city as well, having previously stylized it in an antique style. Indicate the meeting place and make sure that your chosen one immediately understands where exactly the date will take place.

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