How To Wish A Happy Birthday To A Guy

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How To Wish A Happy Birthday To A Guy
How To Wish A Happy Birthday To A Guy

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Coming up with a birthday gift for a girl is always much easier than for a guy. Why is that? Because men for us are, after all, an unknown depth. What's going on in their souls? How do they think, feel, reflect? Women will never understand this. Therefore, it is so difficult to come up with what can please them, what they really like. In this article, you can find some ideas if you find yourself in a similar situation.

How to wish a happy birthday to a guy
How to wish a happy birthday to a guy


Step 1

To get started, activate all your creativity and think about which of your talents you can apply in congratulations. Are you good at writing poetry? Write a poem to the young man, this is a very touching way of congratulating. Are you good at drawing? Draw a picture for him as a gift. Maybe you sing well? Record a song for the young man as a congratulation, or even perform it live for him. But even if you do not have such pronounced talents, you can definitely find a way to creatively congratulate the guy on his birthday.

Step 2

Try to surprise him. The words "Happy birthday!" on a store postcard will surprise and delight no one for a long time. Order (or make with your own hands) some souvenir with his image, or arrange some flash mob in his honor. Or shout congratulations while skydiving. In general, try to surprise him. Only so that his surprise was pleasant - you shouldn't shock a person on his birthday either.

Step 3

Throw a party in honor of the guy. Call your friends and his friends, write a script, think over treats and a cultural program, but most importantly - let it all come as a surprise to him. Lure him to this party under some innocent pretext, and then arrange a surprise, but so that everything is as it should be - turning on the light, loud shouts: "Surprise!" and your friend's dumbfounded and happy face. Just remember that not everyone likes surprises, find out in advance how the guy treats any kind of surprise.

Step 4

Have a romantic dinner for him. It doesn't have to be dinner at an expensive restaurant, but rather an option for the spouses. You can go to a regular pizzeria. But it will be absolutely wonderful if you cook your own dinner. Grab some unusual holiday recipes, provide a romantic setting - with festive table setting, candles and all. It is difficult to find a person who would not like such a congratulation.

Step 5

If you are not at all distinguished by courage and are afraid to express everything that you want to a young man, then modern technologies will help you, for example, SMS. This type of congratulation is considered a way for the laziest, who find it difficult even to call, but sometimes this method turns out to be a real lifesaver for shy women. If you cannot find the strength to congratulate the young man personally, just write him a touching SMS message.

Step 6

In fact, there are a lot of ways to wish a happy birthday. The main thing is not to be afraid to be original and sincere.

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