How To Make Your Ex Regret

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How To Make Your Ex Regret
How To Make Your Ex Regret

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You just recently broke up with your loved one, and now it seems to you that your life has lost all meaning? After breaking up, it is important to know what you really want - to move on and create a new relationship, or to return this man and try to establish old ones.

How to make your ex regret
How to make your ex regret


Step 1

If you decide to turn everything back, you will need to put in a lot of effort to make your relationship happy again. After all, neither you nor he has changed. This is why you will need to work hard on relationships. If you really understand that you want to be only with this man and it is with him that you want to connect your future, then there are several recommendations that will help you make him at least think about the correctness of his decision.

Step 2

There is no better way to tie a man to you than to simply let him go. This is exactly what you should do. The more he feels his freedom, the less he will want to go there. Therefore, loosen the "leash", or rather remove it altogether.

Step 3

In order for your plan to get your man back to work, you need to be calm. Therefore, if you are thrown from one extreme to another, now you want to snuggle up to him, and then a second later you are already angry and do not understand “how he could have done this”, this can only ruin everything. Try to pull yourself together, stop freaking out, and start controlling your emotions.

Step 4

All men are hunters and owners by nature. That is why, in order to bring him back, you should make him jealous. So put on your best outfit, do your makeup, hair and go with your friends to have fun. Don't forget to upload your photos from these events. Of course, he may not show his reaction, but he will definitely experience a prick of jealousy.

Step 5

Moving towards reconciliation is very slow. After all, you do not want to scare him away. So don't be in a hurry. Calculate your every step, your every action. You don't need to call him all the time. It is best to periodically write him unobtrusive messages, for example, on social networks. You don't need to send him a bunch of emoticons that will only ruin everything, do not bombard his photos and notes with your comments. All this will only play against you.

Step 6

You shouldn't sleep with him. Everything has its time. And here, too, one should not rush. In fact, this is not the best option to bring a man back. Everything can turn against you. He will understand that he has power over you, and you belong to him completely: both in body and soul.

Step 7

Everyone knows the expression “time heals”. And that is why it is so important to move slowly towards rapprochement. If you immediately pounce on him after parting, and do everything to make up, it will only ruin everything and the chances of returning him will be even less. Taking small steps towards reconciliation, time will gradually pass, both yours and his resentment and anger will gradually evaporate. And then it will be much easier for both of you to come to the conclusion that you made a mistake and try again.

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