How To Seduce By Correspondence

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How To Seduce By Correspondence
How To Seduce By Correspondence

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A very large number of people are wondering how to seduce their interlocutor by correspondence. It is not that difficult if you create the right dialogue mood. And, of course, show your imagination, and forget about modesty.

pen seduction
pen seduction


Step 1

The easiest way to seduce a guy by pen is to start a frank conversation with a harmless joke below the belt. For example, write to a guy that you are a very hot thing that needs to be put out urgently. Usually such techniques go with a bang. It is not necessary to use typical phrases, you can come up with something of your own. Especially if you and the person have a lot of common jokes. With unfamiliar people, it is more expedient to use kind and romantic humor in order to charm and liberate the interlocutor.

Step 2

You can't catch a girl with jokes, you will rather offend. Here you need to redirect the conversation in the right way. For example, make a couple of nice compliments. Remember that girls do not like outright lies, they recognize it. You can write how cute and beautiful she is in the photo, and not describe her rich inner world, which you still do not really know.

Step 3

In order to seduce a person you like by correspondence, you need to adhere to a simple rule: light erotic overtones - yes, explicit pornography - no. This leads to the idea that you only need sex from the interlocutor (virtual or real). Pen Seduction is flirting, just somewhat limited and more overt at the same time. You do not have the opportunity to see the interlocutor, but you can write what you would not dare to say out loud. Share your thoughts on something very candid that can turn both people on.

Step 4

Don't use templates (except humorous ones)! Firstly, the era of erotic and the same type of SMS has already passed. Secondly, all typical templates are known to many. It makes you bored, not wanting to keep in touch. Better to write something from yourself. For example, what would you like to try. Or some romantic but funny phrase. For example, that you dream of love, like in a movie. At the same time, find out which films the interlocutor associates with this, and which ones you have. It is possible that such flirting will lead to a lasting relationship, rather than a one-off correspondence.

Step 5

Various questions with an erotic slant work very well in terms of seduction by correspondence. For example, whether the interviewee had a sexual experience on the rooftop. This will be a good topic for discussing general plans for some kind of roof, or in general the possibility of such an experience. If you're feeling embarrassed, talk about a romantic moment from the movie. Make more analogies and comparisons to something to make contact faster. It's easier to move on to flirting and seduction.

Step 6

Photo. The easiest way to seduce by correspondence on the Internet is a beautiful and sexy photo. Not frank, where everything is on display, but with an erotic overtones. Even young people can try to make their own erotic photo. Girls are attracted to men with strong arms, for example. So underline this part. Sharing sexy photos is a very good step on the path to email seduction.

Step 7

Imagination. Include all your imagination, tell us in the correspondence what you would like to try. For example, some special kind of sex or erotic play (role play). Discussing such topics excites the interlocutors, which in itself leads to a slight temptation in real life when meeting. Be bolder. Even if you have to blush for your words, the interlocutor will not see this in the chat.

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