How To Get A Guy Interested In Correspondence

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How To Get A Guy Interested In Correspondence
How To Get A Guy Interested In Correspondence

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Electronic letters replaced paper letters. And they communicate very actively with their help. And it turns out, communicating only by correspondence, you can interest the guy.

How to get a guy interested in correspondence
How to get a guy interested in correspondence

It is necessary

Access to the Internet


Step 1

Let's say you are texting with a young man whom you have never seen live - only in a photograph. And you liked him.

Rule one: Find out your friend's hobbies and see if you have similar interests. It is always easy and interesting to talk about a common topic that is interesting to both. In addition, you will interest the guy even with the fact that your tastes agree on something. If there are no matches, it doesn’t matter. In this case, show interest in the guy's hobby and ask him in detail about his hobby. Does he like to read? Great, find out what authors he prefers, what he reads at the moment, why he likes this or that genre. If he loves music, ask what exactly he listens to, whether he attends concerts of his idols, whether he tries to play himself, where he buys discs. You can ask to read / listen to something. This is already a reason to see each other.

Step 2

Second rule: don't get hung up on yourself. Of course, you need to talk about yourself, but if your letter is replete with constant “me, me, me, me,” then nothing good will come of it. There is also no need to pour tons of insignificant and unnecessary information on the guy's head. Perhaps your mom will be interested that your new tights have been torn, but the guy is unlikely to appreciate your frankness, and most importantly, the relevance of such information. Therefore, briefly about myself. Asks - answer, but without unnecessary details.

Step 3

Third rule: ask as much as possible. Not only women love with their ears (though in the case of the Internet - with their eyes after all). This axiom also applies to men. Therefore, based on the questions asked, identify the strengths of the young man and do not hesitate to praise him. Just don't be too zealous. A letter consisting of nothing but praises looks suspicious to say the least.

Step 4

Fourth rule: show your sense of humor. If a guy has it too, great. He will appreciate your jokes, and perhaps very soon you will laugh at the same things together.

Step 5

And finally, the fifth rule: do not use too much "Internet" language. Show your literacy and your letter will not be sent to the trash.

Step 6

Loves - dislikes: fortune-telling on daisies has long been out of fashion. Modern girls wonder if a young man likes them in other ways. And psychologists even identified a number of actions, words and things that a lady can easily interest a young man.

Step 7

If you want to please a young man with whom you only correspond on the Internet, then your own tricks are needed here. First, as psychologists say, men love with their ears. And in correspondence this provision is basic. In order for a guy to become interested in you, you need to think over everything - from what topics you will communicate to how it will all happen. Of course, do not forget that you need to not only speak, speak and speak yourself, but also listen very carefully. Moreover, in quantitative terms, the ideal scheme looks like this: 65% of the information from a young man, 35 5 - from you. Show your interlocutor your sense of humor: do not joke "flatly", do not talk too much. And don't forget to compliment. However, they should not be empty and unreasonable. Necessarily only to the place.

Step 8

Another prerequisite is beautiful and tastefully selected clothes. The principle: "They meet by clothes" is still in force. In order to attract the attention of a normal, intelligent and intelligent young person, you need to take care of your wardrobe in the most careful way. All details must be thought out, accessories are appropriate, clothes are feminine.In addition, no man will miss a girl who has a "line". That is, when a lady is an integral nature, self-confident, clearly aware of her goals. Moreover, she achieves them with the help of clothes too. And this means that the young man will like the girl who knows how to emphasize what is needed and disguise flaws.

Step 9

In addition to the wardrobe, you need to pay attention to your overall appearance. Surely, a girl with bitten nails and peeling varnish in addition will interest the guy. But not in the sense in which you would like. The same goes for the head. Men like ladies with well-groomed hands, feet and hair. Therefore, do not forget even about the little things in conquering the man of your dreams.

Step 10

Intelligence is what still needs to be added to external data. Few people are interested in silly girls. Therefore, it is desirable that you know how to support the conversation. Also in the price of modern gentlemen and female wisdom. Among the liberated Amazons, they really lack worldly wise women: those who will not constantly nag and "swing" their rights. Therefore, if you want to interest the young man, show him that compromises are not alien to you.

Step 11

And of course, be polite, tactful with him, do not be boring and admire his achievements. A sane gentleman is unlikely to miss such a girl.

Step 12

Avoid over-revelation. Even if you have some common problem, a topic for conversation, try to behave with restraint and not write too much. Internet communication is liberating, it is often easier for a pen partner to tell about some secrets than to the interlocutor in a personal conversation. Remember the boundaries and do not reveal what you usually hide in life.

Step 13

Ask your interlocutor's opinions and advice more often. If you know that your pen friend is well versed in something, ask him for help, recommendations in this area. He will be pleased to feel needed and show gallantry.

Step 14

Showing a sense of humor when texting is a good idea, jokes will make communication lively and easy. But stick to a sense of proportion, do not joke too rude or vulgar. Do not be intrusive if the interlocutor does not answer for a long time, it is better to wait, rather than send new messages.

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