How To Provide First Aid To A Child

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How To Provide First Aid To A Child
How To Provide First Aid To A Child
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The little fidget explores everything and does not stop at any difficulties. Unfortunately, often the desire to learn about the world turns into trauma. In this case, you need to be able to quickly provide first aid to the injured baby.

How to provide first aid to a child
How to provide first aid to a child


Apply an ice pack or cold compress to the bruised area. To avoid swelling, lift up the limb that the child bruised. The next day, change the cold compress to a warm one, apply it several times a day to the bruised area for 5 minutes. In the event of a bruised head, abdomen and the appearance of a large tumor, be sure to consult a doctor.


Apply cold as quickly as possible. Any product from the freezer can act as a compress; on the street, a mirror from a cosmetic bag will help you out.


Apply a clean cloth to the edges of the wound - a handkerchief, bandage, this will stop the bleeding. Then cover the wound with a bactericidal plaster. If the size of the wound exceeds 1 cm and it is deep, contact the emergency room - there the wound will be sewn up or connected with staples.


Flush the abrasion with water or hydrogen peroxide to remove any dirt. In case of a weeping abrasion, cover it with a plaster, otherwise leave the abrasion open.


Place the burn area under running cold water for at least 10 minutes, or apply a cold compress. Then apply a clean bandage. Never pierce the blister that has arisen to avoid infection. In case of a large area of ​​skin lesions, call an ambulance.

Electric shock

Turn off the electricity if possible. Use a wooden object (such as a chair leg) to move the child away from the injury. If the baby is not breathing, give him artificial respiration and chest compressions.

The child choked

Turn the baby upside down and tap on the back between the shoulder blades. Place the older child facedown on your knees with the upper torso hanging down, and again tap lightly between the shoulder blades.

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