How To Teach A Child At 4 Years Old

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How To Teach A Child At 4 Years Old
How To Teach A Child At 4 Years Old
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All parents dream that their child will learn to read as quickly as possible. First, it will help moms and dads carve out more free time. Secondly, as soon as the baby learns to read, his horizons will begin to develop at an accelerated rate.

How to teach a child at 4 years old
How to teach a child at 4 years old


Step 1

Start teaching your child to read at around age 4. At the same time, one should take into account how developed his oral speech is. If the baby expresses himself in detailed sentences and clearly hears every single sound in the word, the time has come.

Step 2

Do not forget about the individual rhythm of mastering new material. Let's say your child is great at expressing his own thoughts, and you have started learning the alphabet, but do not advance beyond the second page. In this case, do not be angry with the baby, but simply postpone the learning process. It is quite possible that the child is not psychologically ready for this kind of stress.

Step 3

"Primer" (NS Zhukova) is one of the most popular teaching aids teaching reading. Having a quick glance at it, you will inevitably notice two major advantages. First, the manual is based on a clear principle "from simple to complex". Secondly, the book is designed specifically for self-study, at the bottom of each page there are valuable indications on what exactly to pay attention to parents. In addition, Zhukova offers an original method of teaching how to combine two letters into one syllable. All words (including those in texts) are divided into syllables, which greatly simplifies the reading process.

Step 4

No less quality manual is "ABC" (O. Zhukova). This author has published several colorful educational books, which differ in a rather peculiar presentation of the material. Take, for example, "ABC for Girls" or "ABC for Boys", which differ in a special approach to the selection of didactic material based on gender. Among other things, the same author owns the "Alphabet for Babies with Large Letters", designed for children from 2 to 3 years old. Acquaintance with the letter begins with a detailed acquaintance with the word-symbol. The words are selected taking into account the everyday realities faced by the baby. Then the process of detailing begins: a book, a cat, a beetle … Then the child gets acquainted with the verbs: sleeps, runs, eats … Then the same words are added to a sentence, which is accompanied by a corresponding image. Tasks are gradually introduced. For example, a child is asked to mold the letter under study from plasticine or a piece of rope, etc. After the "finger" mastering of the letter, the kid learns to read it separately, and then in syllables.

Step 5

There is another method (Zaitseva) for teaching children to read, based not on studying primers, but on the favorite children's activity - playing with blocks. Purchase a set of blanks from a specialized store from which you have to glue the cubes. They will all be different from each other. Among them are big and small, heavy and light, "iron", "wooden", "gold". Some are ringing, others are thundering, and still others are tapping dully. For example, "iron" and "wooden" cubes symbolize voiceless and voiced consonants. This technique is not associated with pronunciation, but with the singing of sounds. Zaitsev's technique is good at a certain stage of a child's development, after which it is necessary to move on to books, otherwise he will get used to navigate only by cubes.

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