What To Do With A Child Of 10-12 Years Old

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What To Do With A Child Of 10-12 Years Old
What To Do With A Child Of 10-12 Years Old

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Psychologists believe that a child's adolescence is one of the most difficult. It is then that the attention of parents, as well as good interesting hobbies, is extremely important to him. They will help him decide in later life, choose an occupation to his liking, distract him from the temptations that so often give in to adolescents who are deprived of the care of adults.

What to do with a child of 10-12 years old
What to do with a child of 10-12 years old

Adolescence - what to do with a child

One of the most important aspects of raising a child is his physical development. Endurance and a good muscular system are the keys to health and a productive study. Therefore, it is very important for parents to create the right mood in the child, offering him a choice of different sports sections. Now there is no shortage of them. Tennis, various types of fitness, contact sports, swimming, dancing - the choice is huge. So that the child can choose an activity to his liking, you can sign him up for trial workouts in several sections. This will make it easier to decide what he has a predisposition to. And, of course, one shouldn't forget about personal example. If parents spend all weekends at home in front of the TV, it will be very difficult to explain to a teenager that sports are useful.

Many teenagers enjoy going to various circles and sections together with friends. If you gather a company of children who are passionate about what they love, you can be practically sure that they will not give up doing them.

In addition to sports development, it is imperative to interest a teenager in various logical tasks. Playing chess, checkers, "Monopoly", and even ordinary forfeits develop logic and the ability to think outside the box. And this is very useful for a teenager in adulthood. In modern realities with high competition in the labor sphere, it is quite difficult to find an interesting, high-paying job. And many HR managers look not so much at a diploma or work experience, but at how a person behaves in an interview, how quickly and competently he answers questions.

There are especially difficult turning points when a child flatly refuses to do something. Do not impose a hobby on him, it will only complicate matters. Wait a month or two and try again.

Difficult years - how to deal with teenage "I don't want"

During the transition period from childhood to adolescence, many children become very stubborn. In these summers, hormonal changes suit the body with a real crash test. The child either cries or laughs, reacts aggressively to the parents' remarks, proves his independence in every possible way. That is why it costs nothing to impose on him. It is the suggestion of a particular activity that works best. You can go with your teenager to tournaments and competitions and see which of them caused a positive reaction. It's the same with the various logical pursuits. Having studied several together, it will be possible to understand which of them is most interesting for the child. And always remember that at first even the most independent teenager is very important unobtrusive parental care. This support will help him cope with the setbacks that often happen at the very beginning of mastering a new business.

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