How To Fix A Child's Handwriting

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How To Fix A Child's Handwriting
How To Fix A Child's Handwriting

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A man can get a lot of trouble with a clumsy handwriting: underestimated grades in the Russian language at school, unreadable by the person who wrote the lectures at the institute or college. Problems can arise with a doctor due to the fact that he cannot make out what he himself wrote earlier in the patient's medical history. To prevent such situations from arising in the future, it is necessary to correct your child's handwriting as early as possible. To do this, you must follow some rules and perform special exercises.

How to fix a child's handwriting
How to fix a child's handwriting

It is necessary

Copybooks, pencils


Step 1

Take a closer look at how the child is sitting. Correct posture is not only a guarantee that the baby will not have problems with the spine, but also that he will not have to make extra efforts when drawing letters. If the pressure on the handle is too strong, then a gentle massage of your little student's arms and shoulders should be done. At home, you only need to write on a draft with a pencil.

Step 2

If the pressure on the pen when writing is very weak, then you need to do special exercises to strengthen the muscles of the fingers. You also need to write and draw with pencils.

Step 3

If the problem is that the letters now and then crawl out of the line, the words themselves in the line do not want to be within the boundaries of the printed lines, then you need, firstly, to buy notebooks with brighter rulers, or draw them yourself. Secondly, it is best to switch back to writing in oblique notebooks.

Step 4

If the child does not draw lines or elements of letters confidently, then you need to buy a notebook, which is used in preparatory or at the very beginning of learning in the first grade. In such notebooks, much attention is paid to the prescription of various lines: oblique, dotted, curves. Drawing the various shapes suggested in the notebook will help the child once again practice writing the elements of letters and numbers. To consolidate the result and develop the muscles responsible for the accuracy of small hand movements, you need to pay attention to modeling from plasticine or salt dough, finger games, including shadow theater, applications.

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