How To Treat A Sputum Cough In Children

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How To Treat A Sputum Cough In Children
How To Treat A Sputum Cough In Children
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Due to weak immunity, young children are more likely to suffer from colds, one of the symptoms of which is coughing. But sometimes it drags on for a long time and, causing seizures, interferes with the baby's sleep and rest. Moreover, its duration can lead to complications with the bronchi and lungs, therefore, cough in children should be treated promptly and until it stops completely.

How to treat a sputum cough in children
How to treat a sputum cough in children

It is necessary

  • - mustard plasters;
  • - cough syrup;
  • - fried sugar candies;
  • - fortified warm drinks;
  • - potatoes or cabbage leaves with honey for compress.


Step 1

Since coughing is only a manifestation of a respiratory problem, start treatment with the underlying cause. To do this, follow the doctor's prescriptions (if any). Carry out thermal procedures for the baby on your own and do them regularly for 2 weeks, because the cough can persist for a long time after recovery.

Step 2

For cough treatment, especially in young children, use more heat treatments than medicines. The baby's legs and chest especially need warmth. Therefore, the baby should always have warm woolen socks and a jacket or vest, both during the day and at night (even if the room is warm).

Step 3

Do not use antitussives often, as coughing is just a defensive reaction. And with phlegm, it removes mucus and pathogenic bacteria from the lungs and bronchi. If you have a bad coughing fit, give your toddler lollipops or licorice syrup.

Step 4

If the baby does not have a temperature, then during sleep (when the baby moves least of all), apply mustard plasters (packed in paper) on the calf muscles and on the upper part of the chest, and not soaked in water. So they will keep you warm longer and will not cause unpleasant sensations to the baby. It is also good to put them in the evening before bed.

Step 5

Alternate mustard plasters with warming compresses - potato or cabbage. For a compress, boil one potato in a uniform (until boiled). Mash quickly while hot. Add three drops of iodine and a spoonful of any vegetable oil to it. Wrap everything in foil in a flat rectangle shape. On the side that will be applied to the chest, pierce several holes in the foil. Next (depending on the temperature of the compress) place one or two layers of the diaper between the baby's breast and the foil. Secure in a criss-cross pattern with a regular diaper and cover the baby with a blanket.

Step 6

No less effective in treating cough with phlegm is a cabbage leaf compress smeared with honey. It has a warming and vitaminizing effect, since honey contains almost all the vitamin and mineral composition. However, after this compress, observe the baby's skin, since there can be an individual reaction to any beekeeping product. If one appears, immediately abandon this procedure.

Step 7

To liquefy and discharge sputum, give the child warm milk with or without honey, warm fruit drinks and compotes, to which you can add a little rosehip decoction (drink drinks with rosehips only from a straw to prevent the destruction of the enamel). If the child is more than 3 years old, you can give tea with lemon. Any fortified warm drink has a thinning effect on phlegm and promotes its discharge, which causes a cough reflex. Include warm enough mashed potatoes with plenty of milk in your baby's diet. This dish is good for treating coughs.

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