How To Make A Lion Fall In Love With You

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How To Make A Lion Fall In Love With You
How To Make A Lion Fall In Love With You

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If the vain and proud Leo man has become the chosen one of your heart, you will have to try to make him fall in love with you. But there are several proven ways that you can not only get the attention of Leo, but also win his love.

How to make a lion fall in love with you
How to make a lion fall in love with you


Step 1

Leo men love to be admired. Therefore, do not be afraid to overdo it with compliments: Leo will be delighted even with outright flattery.

Step 2

Become an attentive and engaged listener: Leos love to talk. You can ask many questions - the Leo man will be happy to answer everything. Keep in mind that you shouldn't interrupt Leo, it is very annoying for him.

Step 3

You can interest a Leo man with an exotic or extravagant gift. In general, Leos are very fond of wide gestures. If you like to save on everything, do not even try to fall in love with Leo.

Step 4

Conquering a Leo man is easiest for women who have a bright personality, beautiful appearance and an unbending character. A bright and strong woman next to Leo is another proof of his exclusivity. But keep in mind that if you overshadow him, Leo will simply lose interest in you. Therefore, be sure to try to make the Leo man feel the one and only next to you.

Step 5

Start a relationship with Leo only if you yourself have the emotional stability that allows you to experience his outbursts of emotions without loss. Be prepared for the fact that you will periodically have to support Leo in difficult situations and allay his anxiety.

Step 6

A male Leo in love is very romantic, he is not alien to the feeling of beauty. They will appreciate a romantic moonlit stroll or a candlelit dinner.

Step 7

A Leo man in love does not tolerate restrictions on his freedom, as well as boredom and monotony in relationships. Constant scenes of jealousy on your part or routine in a relationship will turn Leo away from you forever. At the same time, keep in mind that, despite his own love for freedom, Leo is very jealous and will not forgive you for increased attention to other men.

Step 8

If you want to keep a Leo man, forget about criticism. Making comments to Leo is simply unacceptable. But a good sense of humor will be a real help for you, just in no case make Leo the object of your jokes.

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