At What Age Do You Need A Car Seat

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At What Age Do You Need A Car Seat
At What Age Do You Need A Car Seat

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A child car seat is a special device that is a must when transporting children in a car. There are several types of such chairs, each of which is designed for a specific age and weight of the child. In accordance with current legislation, a car seat is required for children from the moment they are born.

Child in a car seat
Child in a car seat

Types of car seats

Among the entire assortment of car seats, three main categories can be distinguished: chairs for children from birth to one year old, transforming devices for children from 1 year to 12 years old, and special booster chairs. Each variety has its own characteristics and characteristics.

Carrying a child in the front seat of a car is only permitted when using a car seat. However, the safest place in a vehicle is the back seat behind the driver.

The first category of car seats implies two positions of the child - sitting and lying. In the supine state, babies are transported who have not yet learned to sit. This type of chair is used until the child's weight reaches 12-13 kg.

Convertible car seats are equipped with comfortable mechanisms that allow you to customize the device individually for each child. This refers to the adjustment of the seat belts, seat height and seat width. Typically, these chairs are used until the child is 12 years old.

Booster seats are devices that are attached to a seat belt located in the back seat of a car. The special protection ensures the safety of the child during transportation and is the so-called economical option of the traditional child seat. You can use the booster only if the child is 6 years old.

It is forbidden to use the carrier bag from the stroller as a device for transporting children in the car. This design does not provide safety for the baby.

If the child refuses to sit in the car seat

Some children flatly refuse to sit in car seats. The main argument in this case is the child's opinion that he is “no longer small”. Such a statement is difficult to dispute, and it is even more difficult to convince the baby that the chair is a means of protecting him.

First, try to teach your child about basic safety rules. Give an example of an accident and possible injuries. This must be done very tactfully and carefully. Never tell scary stories, let alone show examples of terrible accidents. Imagine that you are a child and try to explain the need for a car seat in "children's language."

Offer an ultimatum to your child. Only agree to ride him on the condition that he uses a car seat. This argument does not always work, because not all children like to drive. For parents, their transportation is more often a necessity than entertainment.

If the child considers himself an adult, tell him about the system of penalties provided by the law. Children from an early age should understand that there are certain rules, the implementation of which is mandatory. Traffic rules can and should be explained to children of school age.

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