How To Choose A Car Seat For A Newborn

How To Choose A Car Seat For A Newborn
How To Choose A Car Seat For A Newborn

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Young mothers, even during pregnancy, should think about the safety of their baby in the car. After all, after being discharged from the hospital, they have to use the car to get home. A child car seat is a very necessary and irreplaceable thing. It is this that can save your child's life in an accident.

How to choose a car seat for a newborn
How to choose a car seat for a newborn

For transporting children in a car, manufacturers offer car seats that will last from birth to a year, and car seats that are suitable from birth to 3-4 years. Let's see how they differ and how to choose them.

The infant carrier is often sold with a stroller. It is lightweight, has a cross-over handle, you can effortlessly carry the child in it. Often moms use them as a rocking chair or highchair. The infant carrier is installed against the movement of the car, so that during sudden braking, the child does not damage the cervical vertebrae and head.

The carrycot has a reclining or reclining position, which is important for small children. The child is fixed in it with seat belts, so prepare not a blanket for discharge, but a jumpsuit with "legs". But the infant carrier will last about 6-9 months until your baby is comfortable sitting. Later you will have to buy a car seat.

The car seat is fastened in the car with regular seat belts, back in the direction of travel. In the chair, the child is fastened with internal straps, sometimes rollers are installed to support the head. For babies, the seat can be tilted 45 °.

But for newborns with a small weight, such universal car seats can be too deep, so they are still advised to purchase an infant car seat for them. The car seats are very heavy, it is inconvenient to bring them home, you have to leave them in the car. It is also very inconvenient to pick up a sleeping child from the chair.

How to choose?

the car seat must be breathable. It's great if the chair cover can be removed for washing.

Always try on a child seat. For large children, choose chairs that are deep and wide so that even in winter they fit there in their clothes. For small or premature babies, choose modest sized chairs.

Please make sure the car seat is compatible with your vehicle before purchasing. It is important that all attachments fit perfectly together and that installation of the chair does not take long.

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