How To Choose A Child Car Seat

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How To Choose A Child Car Seat
How To Choose A Child Car Seat

Video: How To Choose A Child Car Seat

Video: How To Choose A Child Car Seat
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A child car seat is not just a seat with a bunch of different straps and fasteners, but a truly useful and necessary high-tech device that is responsible for the safety of a child in the car. That is why choosing a child car seat is an extremely important and responsible task.

How to choose a child car seat
How to choose a child car seat

Choosing a child car seat according to the age of the child

The first thing to look for when choosing a child car seat is its compliance with the age group your child belongs to.

Thus, a child car seat belonging to the "0+" group and representing a kind of cradle with a convenient carrying handle is intended for transportation of newborn babies and babies up to one year old in a car.

Baby car seats belonging to the "0+" group are often called infant carriers.

Car seats from group "1" outwardly resemble car seats, but differ from them in larger sizes, facing the movement and the ability to adjust the level of the backrest, depending on whether the baby is sleeping or awake in the car. Group 1 car seats are designed to transport children aged 9 months to 4 years.

For children from 3 to 6 years old, it is better to buy car seats of group "2". Such devices are equipped with the function of adjusting the position of the back and head restraint, they allow the child in the car to observe the road without interference, but the main task of these car seats is to prevent the child from rolling sideways to one of the car doors.

For transportation of passengers aged 6-12 years in a car, there are car seats of group "3" and special boosters.

The booster is a seat without a backrest, but at the same time performs all the most important functions of a child car seat.

Very often, children of the same age have different physiques. Therefore, in order to choose and buy a car seat correctly, correlate the weight and height of your child with the parameters of a particular model. Better yet, take your baby with you, consult with him and find out his opinion about a particular car seat.

Criteria for choosing a good car seat

The safety of transporting a child in a car largely depends on the convenience of the seat used. If the baby is comfortable in the car seat, he will not become capricious once again and distract parents from the road. A really good child car seat has an anatomical seat shape and a special orthopedic insert. This car seat is equipped with comfortable armrests, high sides, headrest and footrest.

For the safety of the child in the car, both the mechanism for attaching the chair to the adult seat and the straps and buckles that fix the position of the small passenger are responsible. Give preference to the model with the most reliable fastenings and minimal slip of the structure on the seat belt.

When choosing a child car seat, do not forget to pay attention to its upholstery. Options with a cover made of high-quality dense synthetic material that does not absorb foreign odors, is easy to wash and retains heat for a long time are desirable.