How To Choose A Good Car Child Seat

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How To Choose A Good Car Child Seat
How To Choose A Good Car Child Seat

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The law states that children must be transported in road transport using special restraints. Therefore, in order not to violate it and to ensure their child safety while driving, parents buy a car seat.

Rear facing car seat
Rear facing car seat


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All car seats are manufactured in compliance with the European standard, according to which they are grouped into five types, determined depending on the weight of the child. The first type is intended for children weighing less than 10 kg. Age - from birth to one year, depending on the baby's sitting ability. As shown by crash tests, preference should be given to those car seats that are equipped with straps that fix the position of not only the whole body of the child, but also the head separately, since the muscles holding it and the cervical ligaments have not yet strengthened.

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The second group of devices differs in location: the baby will be in them against the direction of movement. They are intended for those who have already learned to sit. Locks, in comparison with the first type, are characterized by increased resistance to children's fingers. The third group is from 9 to 18 kg, the interval of the fourth is 15-25 kg, and the fifth is 22-36 kg. The latter is one seat, without a back, the child is fixed on it with regular seat belts.

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Despite the fact that the cost of a car seat is high, you should not buy a used version. The previous owners most likely sold it because of poor quality or after long-term intensive use. In the latter case, there is a risk that some elements have worn out over many years of use and may pose a danger in the event of an accident. You cannot take the cheapest new ones made in China, since they only create the appearance of protection and may not work at the time of the accident.

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When buying a device of the third group for children from one to four years old, you need to pay attention to the possibility of reclining the back. A child of this age category prefers to sleep on the way, so all conditions for rest must be created for him. Different car seats have a different angle of inclination, and you need to select it individually for your baby. For younger groups, the convenience of the buckles applied to the shoulders and necks is also important - they should not squeeze the chest and impede free breathing.

Step 5

Depending on the brand, cars have different seating configurations, so when buying a child seat, you need to try it on on the spot. Despite its versatility, this accessory may not fit properly and the seat belt will not be enough. In addition, the simpler the mount, the faster it will be installed, and any family member, including the older child, will be able to cope with this operation.

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