How To Arrange A Plot In A Kindergarten

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How To Arrange A Plot In A Kindergarten
How To Arrange A Plot In A Kindergarten

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Very often, parents have to help the kindergarten staff in landscaping the area. There is nothing shameful in this, because this is done for the sake of their own beloved sons and daughters. Moreover, you can arrange a plot in a kindergarten on your own, with the help of improvised means.

How to arrange a plot in a kindergarten
How to arrange a plot in a kindergarten


Step 1

To make the territory of the kindergarten look festive, break several flower beds on the site. They can be sown with flowers that do not require special care - marigolds, velvet, pansies. You can plant seeds with your children. Feeling responsible for green sprouts, kids will be happy to water flowers and weed them from weeds.

Step 2

If there are still no trees on the territory of the kindergarten, they must be planted. You can also refine the area with bushes by planting them along the paths. It is better to use thornless varieties such as broom. Almost all of its varieties are frost-resistant and bloom very beautifully.

Step 3

Be sure to build a sandbox for the kids. All you need is to put together four planks and bring sand. And how much joy the molding of Easter cakes and the construction of sand castles will bring to children!

Step 4

To make the children's games more diverse, you can paint classics on the asphalt. Make the squares with numbers not very large so that even the youngest groups can participate in the fun.

Step 5

The blank wall of the kindergarten can be turned into a dart board. Of course, children will not play with darts, but with a ball. Therefore, the circles must be made large. Draw them in different colors, writing the number of points inside the circle. If the kids themselves are not yet able to count, educators will help them in this.

Step 6

You can decorate the territory of the kindergarten by placing fabulous creatures there. If you have the means, you can buy ready-made figures of gnomes, forest and domestic animals. They are made for the improvement of summer cottages.

Step 7

If there is no extra money, find craftsmen - cabinetmakers among the dads. Let them make blanks for figures from small logs. Mothers with children will have to give them a finished look by painting faces and clothes with paint.

Step 8

Purchase large plastic containers. They are quite inexpensive, but it is very convenient to store toys there. Containers can be placed next to the sandbox to put buckets, scoops, and molds there. Then the teachers do not have to constantly take toys out into the yard, they will always be near the playground.

Step 9

The main condition for decorating a site in a kindergarten is the safety of the kids. When making items for the playground, do not leave sharp corners. Use environmentally friendly, safe materials. Don't make the stairs too high. Try to create a courtyard where you would let your own child go without fear.

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