How To Quickly Lay A Child

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How To Quickly Lay A Child
How To Quickly Lay A Child

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Not all children enjoy a certain routine, but psychologists and medical professionals unanimously argue that an established daily routine gives a child the necessary sense of confidence and protection. Going to bed at a specific time is very important because in this case, the child's sleep is calmer and stronger, and in the morning the baby wakes up fresh and rested. But how to properly and quickly lay the crumb?

How to quickly lay a child
How to quickly lay a child


Step 1

Establish a kind of bedtime ritual that contains elements of the game. The main task is for the child to be happy to wait for the evening when you tell him an interesting fairy tale or look at a book with colorful pictures together. And if every day ends with whims and tears, this does not bring joy to you or your child. It is very important not to try to quickly crank all the evening activities - the baby will certainly feel that you are nervous and want to quickly get rid of him. The time before bed is a great opportunity for you and the baby's father to show him how much you love him, and it will also have a calming effect on you.

Step 2

Once the baby has brushed his teeth and changed into his pajamas, go to the bedroom with him and put him to bed. You can let him play with his favorite toy or a quiet game for a short time. Above all, make sure the child stays in their room. After 5-10 minutes, tell the baby that he can choose a book and you read it to him, but this will happen only if he goes to bed. Very often, kids ask them to read the same book to them at night, perhaps you will be bored for the hundredth time reading about Cinderella or Puss in Boots, but do not show it to the child. After hearing a well-known story, the baby will quickly calm down and fall asleep.

Step 3

Be firm. After all, the older the child becomes, the more often he starts all sorts of tricks so that you stay with him longer. In this case, persistence and patience are required of you. Cover the baby well, kiss goodnight, dim the light in the room, and when leaving, do not forget to leave it slightly ajar so that the child does not feel as if you have fenced off from him.

Step 4

Come back if you hear the baby cry. But don't let him get out of bed. Give him a pacifier or a favorite toy and stay with the baby until he calms down. No matter how tired you are, you should not get annoyed and shout at the crumb. This will give the exact opposite result: the baby will cry even more, and it will be very difficult for you to calm him down and lay him down.

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