Aggressive Teenager. Recommendations For Parents

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Aggressive Teenager. Recommendations For Parents
Aggressive Teenager. Recommendations For Parents

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There is a lot of talk today about teenage aggression, which is indeed a serious problem, especially for parents. But, contrary to misconception, this problem is completely solvable with an attentive and understanding attitude on the part of adults.

Aggressive teenager. Recommendations for parents
Aggressive teenager. Recommendations for parents

It is important to understand the reasons for character change and aggressiveness

The reason for the aggressiveness can be a hormonal storm, or it can be a system of prohibitions and excessive demands on the part of adults, a consequence of a hidden resentment. Sometimes aggression is used as a way of self-affirmation, which is especially important for a teenager - it is important for him to gain respect and recognition from his peers.

Therefore, when faced with manifestations of aggression, it is important to consider this situation not from a position of accusation, but to understand the true nature of such behavior. At the same time, it is important to distinguish true aggressiveness from impulsiveness, thoughtlessness of actions inherent in adolescence. To understand this, as well as the reasons for aggressiveness, only constant dialogue and trusting contact with a teenager can help.

Don't go too far

The biggest mistake in trying to "fix" an aggressive teenager is that parents rely on punishment as the main way to solve the problem. Of course, aggression should not be encouraged, it is important to clearly define the position that such behavior is unacceptable, makes you worry. But this must be done without excessive severity. After all, we are just talking about an unstable teenage psyche, rebelling against punishments and prohibitions.

Punishing a teenager, especially without understanding the reasons, is unfair from his point of view, you risk only aggravating the situation.

Remember that the worst thing about a teenager’s unsteady self-esteem is becoming “outcast”. By punishing a child, and even more so constantly speaking about him in a negative way, you are demonstrating precisely rejection, rejection. As a result, contact and trust will be completely lost, which will only turn the teenager against you more, strengthening him in the opinion that aggression and force are the only ways to resolve the conflict.

Let's have a chance to speak

And vice versa, a calm, trusting atmosphere, the ability of parents to smooth out sharp corners in inevitable conflicts with adolescents will create in the adolescent a feeling that he is appreciated and supported with all his difficulties and problems, which means that the necessary ground will be created for solving the problem of aggression. Become an example of effective behavior, give the child an opportunity to gain experience in finding compromise solutions.

If you understand that it is difficult for a teenager to restrain himself, then give him the opportunity to throw out his aggression without harming others, let him speak up and be able to listen.

Teach your teenager to channel their excess energy into constructive channels - for example, playing sports. Introduce them to psychological techniques to help relieve stress and find peace of mind.

Remember that there are no psychological problems that love and mutual trust do not help to cope with. And adolescence … it passes, while trust remains for life!

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