How To Choose A Name For A Child According To A Horoscope

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How To Choose A Name For A Child According To A Horoscope
How To Choose A Name For A Child According To A Horoscope

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Motherhood is the most precious thing in life for most women. It is fraught with expectations and excitement, pleasant chores and excitement. I would like everything, everything to be just perfect, including the future name of the baby. This is perhaps one of the most sensitive issues that affects the interests of not only future parents, the baby, but also their environment. Everyone wants to put their effort into choosing a name. Various methods are used, the name is chosen according to the calendar, according to popularity, according to the horoscope. Such selectivity is directly related to the well-known statement to many - the name determines the whole life.

How to choose a name for a child according to a horoscope
How to choose a name for a child according to a horoscope

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Step 1

First you need to decide on the date of the expected birth. Since the name is chosen according to the horoscope, it is very important to know at least approximately the number of the baby's birth. It is worth noting that the baby may be born earlier than the appointed time. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the names of the adjacent signs of the zodiac.

Step 2

After the moment regarding the birthday has been clarified, it is worth deciding one more question - the gender of the baby. Naturally, in some cases, it remains unknown. There may be two reasons for this - on an ultrasound examination, the doctor cannot see what type of genitals are formed, or the parents themselves want to know the gender only when the baby is born.

Step 3

Now, you can give a short description of the names by the sign of the zodiac. As a rule, the calendar cycle according to the Eastern calendar begins with Aries. This is a sign of bright and strong personalities with charisma, therefore, the name should reflect these qualities - Larisa, Rima, Renat, Maxim. Taurus are naturally endowed with powerful energy, which, if used correctly and directed correctly, can have a beneficial effect on a career. The owners of this zodiac sign most often bear the names - Veronica, Valery, Dmitry, Oksana. Gemini, as a dual sign, needs communication to be always abundant, and names should be light and memorable - Nastya, Nadya, Nikita, Ivan. Crayfish are very domestic, they love warmth and comfort, so the name should sound soft - Julia, Ilya. Leos, as leaders among other signs of the zodiac, need to be given an unusual, memorable name - Eliza, Aurora, Apollo. Virgo, on the contrary, is chosen a simple name, even a native Russian - Tanya, Masha, Peter, Prokhor. Libras are characterized by names with a peaceful characteristic, this is a very balanced zodiac sign, and people born on this day act deliberately, clearly, for example, Victor, Albina. Scorpios are very emotional personalities, therefore, the name should be very extravagant - Rada, Yakov, Yaroslav, Yarina. Streltsy's name must certainly be beautiful and sonorous - Zhanna, Diana, Ruslan, Stepan. For a capricorn, most often they choose a name that was borne by one of the famous or very close ancestors. It is even a tradition to name the first-born in honor of a grandfather or grandmother in some families, and if for other signs of the zodiac this is unacceptable, then Capricorns are even preferable. If a child is born under the sign of Aquarius, then you should carefully choose a name, preferably something unusual. But the fishes are given very gentle names, which sound soft even without the petting-diminutive, for example, Anya, Lenya.

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