Why Doesn't The Beloved Call

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Why Doesn't The Beloved Call
Why Doesn't The Beloved Call

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In the course of sociological research, it was found that women are much more anxious about phone calls than men. So it turns out that some constantly forget to call, while others, with the same constancy, are tormented by doubts about the telephone silence. Why don't men call?

Why doesn't the beloved call
Why doesn't the beloved call


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Sometimes (at the very beginning of a relationship) a man does not call, because he does not dare, being by nature a modest person and a little insecure in his abilities. You must have heard this phrase more than once from friends who patiently listen to your complaints and try to cheer you up a little. Or maybe you yourself often repeated these cherished words in order to calm your worried girlfriend.

However, this can be heard from the men themselves, but very rarely. Because not all of them are able to admit their indecision. Be understanding. After all, what difference does it make today why he didn't call yesterday or last week? After all, he still pulled himself together and got in touch now, which means that he is not indifferent to you.

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A loved one does not call when he is very busy. There is a certain amount of sense in this. After all, a man can really be too involved in studies, work, solving family troubles. Perhaps the problem is elementary - the world needed his urgent help. However, something more serious could have arisen - the Almighty decided to urgently consult with a mortal regarding the upcoming global flood, and so the bones lay that the choice fell on your faithful. (By the way, it must be that Noah, in his time, also devoted insufficient time to his woman, and she, a selfish owner, tormented him and herself with distrust. He, meanwhile, showing heroic concern for the preservation of life on the planet, erected the legendary ark) …

All jokes, but a guy can really have a lot of things to do. Do not forget that a much greater burden falls on men in life. After all, it is enough for a girl to marry successfully in order to live - not to know grief. While her future husband needs to achieve everything on his own: work, decent pay, official position, apartment, car and other benefits. Well, he didn’t call you today, he won’t call you tomorrow, you don’t need to inflate a fly to the size of an elephant. Really, to a business-like young, purposeful person, you would prefer a loafer who has absolutely nothing to occupy himself with, perhaps endless telephone chatter ?!

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It happens that a guy does not call because, in principle, he does not like telephone conversations. Well, that sounds like the truth. Men (most of them) really absolutely do not understand what they can talk about on the phone for more than 10 minutes, so they avoid this kind of communication in every possible way. This is quite understandable and you should not demand such sacrifices from your young man. Although, this excuse does not explain why he, at least from time to time, does not present you with his remote attention for at least the same 10 minutes.

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Your boyfriend may not call due to your lack of telephone etiquette. Think back to what happened during your last telephone conversations. It is likely that you were rattling about incessantly, so that he did not have the opportunity to insert even a tiny line into your monologue. When talking with a guy, not only on the phone, but also face to face, you should control the flow of information escaping from your mouth. Keep in mind that he doesn't want to hear all of what you are trying to tell. Some topics for him may be simply uninteresting, some are inappropriate, maybe he is generally limited in time, but you are not appeased. It turns out that he simply does not know how to drown you out more tactfully (due to good breeding or modesty), and he can only wait for you to talk.The fact is that in such a situation, a man feels some discomfort, and it is quite natural that he wants to avoid it in the future.

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Another option is possible: the man does not call because he does not want to. This is not worth fighting with. It's just that he is not for you, and you are not for him, everything is quite prosaic. Moreover, the sooner you understand everything and stop making endless guesses and inventing countless excuses for one guy, the sooner you will find another. Someone who will definitely call, despite being modest, busy, or disliking telephone conversations. Will only ring because you are waiting for his calls.

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