What If A Guy Doesn't Call Back

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What If A Guy Doesn't Call Back
What If A Guy Doesn't Call Back

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For a girl who is waiting for a call from a young man, there is no louder sound than the silence of the phone. The silence gets on your nerves, and the calls are ringing from the wrong people. You don't want to talk to anyone other than him, you get angry and nervous. There can be a lot of reasons that the guy did not call back, from the most harmless to irreparable. But it is always better to know the truth than to be tormented by the unknown.

What if a guy doesn't call back
What if a guy doesn't call back


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The situation is as follows: the guy did not call back within 24 hours after the first date. There are a number of common reasons that are likely. I lost your phone number, suddenly got sick, something unexpected happened, someone from my family got sick, urgent work. It may be that the guy became disappointed in you after the date and decided not to develop the relationship further.

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In any case, he acts impolitely and incorrectly, you can take a free minute to calm and inform the worried girl. Men are not as sensitive and forward-looking as women. If your boyfriend is one of these thick-skinned individuals, he could decide that he will call you only when he has solved all his problems.

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If you agreed that he will contact you after a certain time, but he did not make himself known in any way, wait one more day. This is difficult for an emotional girl, but bear with me for a couple of hours! Call him yourself and ask directly about the reason for the silence. Just do not accept vague answers, so as not to get nervous again if he again says that he will call back later. An unpleasant truth in this case is better than a cowardly lie.

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A man may say that he needs a little time to think about the situation. This is normal and it will be helpful for you to re-analyze your relationship as well.

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Another situation: you have been dating for a long time, and he suddenly disappeared and does not call back, although he promised. In this case, you definitely need to feel free and look for the young man yourself. After all, anything can happen, and you need to be aware of events in order to offer your help. If his phone does not answer, call mutual friends, his home phone, and work. You should have multiple contacts if you've been pairing for a while.

Step 6

Try to find it through social media. Remember the acquaintances he mentioned. If, after all these searches, you find out that nothing happened, except for his bad mood, think about whether you need such a companion.

Step 7

Do not suffer next to a silent phone, find out the real situation immediately, so as not to waste your nerve cells. After all, what happiness it will be when you call and hear his joyful voice, announcing that he was so waiting for your call.

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