How To Make A Playpen For A Child From Improvised Means

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How To Make A Playpen For A Child From Improvised Means
How To Make A Playpen For A Child From Improvised Means

When a child begins to move around the house, even on all fours, you cannot leave him alone for a minute, because this can lead to disastrous consequences. If it is nevertheless necessary to leave, it is better to place the baby in a safe place, for example, in a playpen.

How to make a playpen for a child from improvised means
How to make a playpen for a child from improvised means


Step 1

The arena can be made by hand. If you don't have free space in your room, you can use a baby cot. It should be borne in mind that for the first steps of the child, a solid foundation is needed, which will serve as a hard mattress or plywood bottom. The sides should be raised high enough so that the baby cannot roll over over them. The disadvantages of this use of the crib are its small size and the lack of separation of the place for sleeping and playing.

Step 2

With the small dimensions of the room, you can also consider the option of a prefabricated arena, i.e. use an angle to temporarily transform it into a safe fence. Two sides will be closed with walls, another one - with some kind of furniture - the same crib, chest of drawers, and the last one - temporarily separated by a sheet of plywood or plastic. When the playpen is not used for its intended purpose, this part is simply removed and does not interfere with anyone. In this case, it is imperative to make sure that there is nothing dangerous for the baby in the resulting structure, and that the entire structure is securely fixed and will withstand the onslaught of the child if necessary.

Step 3

If the size of the room allows, then you can make a roomy arena, which will be either stationary, or move with the help of wheels - in this case, you need a solid base. The structure itself can resemble a crib and consist of a top, bottom, and vertical slats. It is imperative to take into account the height of the fence - make it at least a meter in order to prevent the child from falling out of there, the distance between the slats should be small so that the baby does not get stuck there. The dimensions and shape of the arena can be absolutely any, most importantly, stable. The presence of a door in such an arena will make it more functional and convenient to use.

Step 4

You can make a playpen with solid walls, you only need to use safe and non-toxic material - wood, high-quality plastic, etc. Iron sheets are very hard for a child and can injure him - in this case, they should be sheathed / wrapped with something soft: foam rubber, cotton wool, etc. Alternatively, stretch the walls with a medium-sized mesh, tulle or gauze, the main thing is that this fabric does not sag, and when the baby fell on her, she could spring a little.