How To Play Chizh

How To Play Chizh
How To Play Chizh

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This is a famous folk game that your grandfathers and dads must have played. Before playing, you need to make a bat (a stick in the form of a spatula) and the siskin itself (a small four-sided stick with pointed ends like a pencil).

game siskin
game siskin

You can play together. First, lots are thrown or, with the help of a rhyme, they choose who to beat on the squeak (to be a thrower) and who to drive.

Purpose of the game: the driver seeks to become a thrower.

Then they draw a circle on the ground with a diameter of about two steps of a child (60-80 cm) - this is a city (or base). 4-6 steps from the circle draw the line of the horse. The driver stands behind the line of the horse.

The thrower places the siskin in the center of the circle with the pointed end towards the line of the horse. After that, the thrower takes the bat and strikes the sharp end of the siskin in such a way that it jumps up. While the siskin is in the air, the thrower must have time to hit him with a bat so that he flew as far as possible beyond the line of the horse.

The task of the driver, who is behind the line of the horse, is to catch the siskin with his hands. In this case, he becomes a thrower, and the game starts over. If the driver does not catch the siskin, then he goes to the place where the siskin fell and takes it in his hands. Before picking up a siskin, you need to remember the number on its upper edge - this is so many attempts to throw into the city. Then he drops the siskin, trying to get into the city. The driver makes a throw from the 2nd attempt from the place where the siskin will fall, thrown from the 1st attempt, etc. In turn, the thrower tries to choose such a place to beat off the flying siskin. If he succeeds, then the driver goes back to where the siskin fell, and the game continues.

If the driver, having used all his attempts, does not get into the city, then the thrower again hits the siskin, etc. If the siskin gets into the city, then the driver becomes the thrower.

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