How To Make A Christmas Tree Toy With A Child

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How To Make A Christmas Tree Toy With A Child
How To Make A Christmas Tree Toy With A Child

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An elegantly decorated Christmas tree is the main symbol of the New Year's holidays, which are awaited by both adults and children. Christmas decorations made by themselves together with the child will brighten up the anticipation of the New Year, help the child develop imagination and creativity, and you will be given invaluable minutes of communication with your baby.

How to make a Christmas tree toy with a child
How to make a Christmas tree toy with a child

It is necessary

Cardboard, colored paper, foil, threads, a needle, scissors, glue, salted dough, eggshells, melted candle wax, sparkles, candy wrappers, pieces of foam or styrofoam


Step 1

In order to please your child, instill in him neatness and perseverance, you need to engage in joint production of crafts with him, but first of all, take care of safety. Do not put needles and sharp scissors into the baby's hands, make sure that children do not put small objects, glue and the like in their mouths, choose harmless materials for making crafts. Then the finished result will not be overshadowed by unpleasant incidents and will bring a lot of joy.

Step 2

Homemade beads and garlands will be a good decoration for the Christmas tree. To make beads, you can use pieces of colored foil rolled into balls, strung with a needle on a long thread. The garland is made of small strips of colored paper glued together with rings.

Step 3

Make 3D shapes out of cardboard. Cut out several pieces of the same size and shape from multi-colored cardboard. The configuration of the product can be any: star, circle, pear, rhombus, lantern and much more. Color them in your favorite color or in several different ones, make cuts to the middle of each sheet and connect them together so that the figure becomes voluminous. You can pre-spread the figures with glue and sprinkle with sparkles.

Step 4

Wrap pieces of foam rubber or polystyrene with the baby in candy wrappers, tie the ends with a thread and hang them on the Christmas tree. You will get a beautiful and appetizing-looking decoration that is quite suitable as a Christmas tree decoration.

Step 5

Toys can also be molded from salt dough. Knead the dough in water with plenty of salt. This mass can be used as plasticine, giving it various shapes, then put the finished figurines in the oven and heat them thoroughly. The toys will turn out to be strong and durable, do not forget to make a hole for the thread in them in advance.

Step 6

Beautiful Christmas tree decorations are made from eggshells. Make two small holes in the egg, one on top and one on the bottom. Blow the contents into a clean container and fill the shell with melted candle wax. Color the toy on top as you wish. She can become a pirate, and a ladybug and a snowman and Santa Claus.

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