How To Draw Up A Student's Diary

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How To Draw Up A Student's Diary
How To Draw Up A Student's Diary

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A student's diary is no longer a boring book with gray pages and an inconspicuous cover. The modern printing industry has turned this essential item for every student into a fashion accessory. Often the bright design distracts the child, he forgets that the diary is, first of all, the main “document” of the student, which should be filled out and kept correctly. Naturally, the student should take care of this, but parents should still check from time to time how well he is doing.

How to draw up a student's diary
How to draw up a student's diary


Step 1

According to the regulation on uniform requirements for the design of a school diary, all entries in this "document" must be made by the student in blue ink. All pages in the diary should be numbered.

Step 2

Make sure your child has correctly designed the front of the diary, i.e. entered in the appropriate fields his name, surname, patronymic, city of residence, school number and the name of the class in which he is studying. Check if he wrote down the names of school subjects and the names of teachers on the right pages, if he indicated information about the extracurricular and extracurricular activities he attended. The presence of extraneous notes and drawings in the student's diary is unacceptable.

Step 3

The student's diary should contain information about homework in the columns of the day for which they are assigned, as well as a plan of activities scheduled for the period of school holidays.

Step 4

All teachers' grades must be in the appropriate boxes and certified by the signature of the teacher who put the mark. The student cannot correct and cross out the given marks. In case of an error, the teacher must do it himself, confirming the validity of the correction with his signature.

Step 5

In addition to you, the class teacher should monitor the correct design of the school diary of each student. After comparing the information in the school record and the entries in the student's diary, as well as noting the number of delays and missed lessons, the class teacher must sign his name in a specific box.

Step 6

The student's diary should contain free boxes or pages specially designed for the notes of the class teacher and subject teachers.

Step 7

Try to look at the contents of your child's school diary more often, and also monitor the correctness and timeliness of its execution.

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