How To Keep A Pregnancy Diary

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How To Keep A Pregnancy Diary
How To Keep A Pregnancy Diary

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Pregnancy is the most mysterious and amazing period in a woman's life. Every month of carrying a baby, the expectant mother observes various changes in her body. The first suspicions of pregnancy, the onset of toxicosis, the first ultrasound, the movement of the unborn baby - it seems to a woman that she will remember all these events forever. However, after the birth of a child, all this, as a rule, is quickly forgotten. Therefore, it is better to record all events related to pregnancy in a special diary.

How to keep a pregnancy diary
How to keep a pregnancy diary

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Step 1

To keep a diary, you can use either a special maternity journal, sold in many specialty stores for expectant mothers, or a regular notebook.

Step 2

Record the date of your last menstrual period in your pregnancy diary. It is needed in order to find out the approximate date of the upcoming birth. Talk about the day you realized you were pregnant, write down what feelings and emotions you experienced. Do not forget to write about the appearance of symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, change in taste preferences. Record your original weight and abdominal circumference in the journal.

Step 3

Each subsequent week of pregnancy, you will notice a variety of changes that will occur within you. Be sure to include them in your journal. Highlight the most important, in your opinion, events: the first news of pregnancy, the first push of the baby, the first purchase of baby things, the first labor pains.

Step 4

Write down how you feel, how your mood changes, what factors affect it. Indicate in the pregnancy diary the date of the first ultrasound scan, tell us about your emotions at the moment when you first saw your baby on the monitor screen.

Step 5

Do not forget to record the date of the first movement of the fetus. In a diary, tell about your assumptions and feelings related to the sex of the unborn baby. Include information about weight gain. In the last weeks of pregnancy, write about all your experiences and expectations associated with the upcoming birth.

Step 6

The style in which your pregnancy diary will be filled in is entirely up to you. You can fill it out in the form of a simple chronicle or a conversation with your unborn baby. Write down all your joys and worries. Do not worry about the correctness of the wording, because you keep the diary for yourself, not for the public.

Step 7

By rereading your pregnancy diary in the future, you will be able to relive one of the brightest and happiest periods of your life.

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