How To Put Kids To Bed In Kindergarten

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How To Put Kids To Bed In Kindergarten
How To Put Kids To Bed In Kindergarten

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For a good rest of children in a preschool educational institution, they need to sleep. For this, in the daily routine in kindergarten, a special time is allocated - sleep. It lasts, depending on the age of the children, from 1, 5 to 3 hours. It is very important for the teacher to put the kids to bed on time.

How to put kids to bed in kindergarten
How to put kids to bed in kindergarten


Step 1

In order for preschoolers to go to bed in a timely manner, the teacher must strictly follow the daily routine in the group. This contributes to the development of physiological habits in children. The body of preschoolers gets used to a certain sequence of regime moments. At that moment, when the time for sleep comes, the child's body is already ready for the day's rest. A deviation from the daily routine is unacceptable, as this will negatively affect the physiological state of the kids.

Step 2

Before putting children to bed, they need to be reassured. Organize quiet games (for example, board games, nursery rhymes, etc.). Read a book to the children. Calm activities will allow children to make a smooth transition from active games to relaxation.

Step 3

Be sure to organize water treatments. Do a foot wash that not only meets hygiene requirements, but also helps to harden children. In the cold season, rubdown with a terry mitten is possible.

Step 4

Pay attention to the light in the bedroom. It should be muted, and the curtains should be closed if possible.

Step 5

Of great importance is the color of the walls, ceilings, window curtains (or blinds) in the bedroom. Colors should not be bright, so as not to excite the unstable psyche of babies. Use pastel, calm colors to decorate the bedroom.

Step 6

Play soft music (eg, lullabies, classical music) for the children. She will allow children to calm down and relax. In addition, listening to music will contribute to the aesthetic education of preschoolers.

Step 7

Talk to your children in a calm tone in the bedroom. During sleep, screams, noise, loud conversations are unacceptable. Teach your children to be calm. This will create a calm atmosphere in the group.

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