How To Start A Conversation After An Argument

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How To Start A Conversation After An Argument
How To Start A Conversation After An Argument

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Misunderstandings, resentments, quarrels are an inevitable side of human relationships. After all, there are no ideal people. In addition, everyone has different tastes, habits, views. And if a person is still tired, irritated, he simply can behave inappropriately, overreact to a question, an unsuccessful joke, a claim. This is how quarrels occur, even between the closest and most loving people. And then, when the showdown is over, the question arises of how to make peace.

How to start a conversation after an argument
How to start a conversation after an argument


Step 1

Man is so constructed that he tends to consider himself right, always and in everything. Even feeling and realizing that he was guilty, did not act in the best way, the initiator of the quarrel will instinctively seek an excuse for himself. Therefore, try to put yourself on the opposite side, think not over the behavior of your partner, but over your own.

Step 2

Self-justification is understandable and natural. However, remember the old truth: "The first step to reconciliation is made by the one who is smarter!" Do not be afraid that the other side will mistake it for surrender. By trying to end an argument, you are not demonstrating weakness, but wisdom.

Step 3

If you do not want to ask for forgiveness, it is quite possible to find some other, compromise form. A husband who lovingly hugs his wife and whispers in her ear: “Well, please, don't cry! I'm so sorry we had a fight! " will almost certainly reach his goal. It seems that he himself was the first to go to reconciliation, and even admitted his guilt (since he was "sorry"). A woman can show generosity with a clear conscience: so be it, let's make up. Well, if she "for the sake of order" is a little capricious, weeps for injustice, well, a man should show patience.

Step 4

But what if a quarrel happened between close friends? When the first heat of emotions subsides, it is best to say a phrase like: “Let's forget what we said to each other. We have been friends for so many years! " It usually works quickly and efficiently. You can start a conversation like this: “I'm just shocked by our quarrel! Let's calmly figure out why it happened in order to prevent anything like this from happening again."

Step 5

The main rule: try not to delay the beginning of the conversation after all! The more time passes, the harder it will be to force yourself to say these necessary words. But even in a bad mood and anger, you should not approach.

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