How To Choose A Name For A Boy

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How To Choose A Name For A Boy
How To Choose A Name For A Boy

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Choosing a name for a child is one of the most difficult tasks for parents-to-be. And the choice of a name for a boy imposes on them a double responsibility, because not only their son will go through life with this name, but also the grandchildren will get it as a patronymic. And it is very important in this case not to make mistakes.

Choosing a name for a newborn is a responsible but pleasant task
Choosing a name for a newborn is a responsible but pleasant task


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A girl can get married, change her surname, go to a country in which a middle name is not used, therefore, when choosing a name for a girl, nothing connects her parents. When choosing a name for a boy, it is necessary to look so that it goes well with both the surname and the patronymic. Names that do not have a pronounced sexual characteristic, such as Valya, Sasha or Zhenya, should be taken if the surname leaves no doubt that its bearer is a boy, a man. So, for example, Zhenya Stepanov will feel much more confident than Valya Petrenko, who sooner or later will become a little uncomfortable, once again specifying that he is a boy.

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Undoubtedly, the chosen name will also affect the character of the future son. If you want to see him firm, purposeful, then his name should be the same. For example, Boris, Gleb, Egor. A softer name - Ilya, Alexey, Leonid - will certainly add softness to the character of the heir. But you can stop at the golden mean - Andrey, Peter, Stepan. And it is imperative to make sure that the chosen name is well combined with the patronymic, so that one smoothly flows into the other, and it will be much easier for people around your son to call Lev Petrovich by the full name than, for example, Viktor Grigorievich.

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Recently, the tradition of naming children according to the church calendar has been reviving. This is a good tradition, it is not necessary to take the names of those saints on whose day your son's birthday will be. Look through all the names that are close to the cherished date and there will definitely be one among them that you will definitely like. Well, some parents hesitate with a name until birth, and then, looking into dear eyes, they immediately understand: "Here he is - their Vanechka." Well, of course, you need to follow the euphony of the name. Some diminutive names or combinations of initials can subject the guy to rude ridicule, and this circumstance can result in a serious psychological problem for him. Therefore, when choosing between ambition and the inner peace of your unborn child, you should listen to common sense.

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