How To Massage A Guy

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How To Massage A Guy
How To Massage A Guy

Massage can work wonders. With its help fatigue disappears, physical illnesses are cured, headache subsides. But, at the same time, awkward movements can harm your health. Therefore, before giving a massage, especially to a young person, arm yourself with knowledge and the right technology.

How to massage a guy
How to massage a guy


Step 1

If the object of your massage manipulations is the broad-shouldered, courageous back of a young man, then first warm it up. Spread a pleasantly scented gel, lotion or cream all over your back. This will help relax tense muscles, and the enchanting scent can give a guy incomparable minutes of pleasure.

Step 2

As soon as the back of the cream is dry, feel with your fingers the lower region of the back, where the tailbone. And from here, work your way slowly up the back to the neck, pressing the points on the left and right sides of the spine with your finger. Acupressure massage is incredibly effective and can relieve pain.

Step 3

As soon as you "have reached" along the spine to the neck, stop. Now your field of activity is the back of the head, neck and forearm. Rinse these areas well with both hands. At this moment, blood circulation will increase, the edema will subside, as if an extra load has fallen from the shoulders, and the muscles will begin to contract, which means they will grow, which is extremely beneficial for health.

Step 4

Vary your hand movements. Do not just press on the skin, pinch and knead the muscles. Tickle the sides of the young man, and if you are the owner of long marigolds, then lightly (attention, lightly!) Scratch the entire back area with them. Try experimenting with massage movements. Let's say one hand is squeezing the neck, while the other pinches the sacral spine at this time. Let it remain a mystery to your boyfriend what movement of your hands will follow in the next moment.

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