Is It Possible For Pregnant Women To Swim In The Sea

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Is It Possible For Pregnant Women To Swim In The Sea
Is It Possible For Pregnant Women To Swim In The Sea

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Summer heat in a hot city is simply unbearable. It is poorly tolerated by ordinary residents, and it is doubly difficult for pregnant women. Most expectant mothers safely go to the sea, where they dream of relaxing, enjoying bathing, and at the same time increasing the general tone of the body before the upcoming birth.

Here it is, happiness
Here it is, happiness

Water procedures

Sea water contains inorganic salts in a fairly high concentration, which has a beneficial effect on human well-being. By themselves, any water treatment works well due to the thermal factor. The body temperature of the bather is always higher than the temperature of the reservoir, therefore, when immersed in water, a protective factor is triggered and an active release of heat occurs. At the same time, the rate of metabolic processes sharply increases, the level of glucose in the blood decreases, the body tries to regulate body temperature itself.

Sea bathing is also beneficial for a child growing in the womb. Regular water treatments increase the level of red blood cells, hemoglobin, calcium and albumin proteins in the blood. Bathing during pregnancy in a river or sea has a positive effect on the rate of movement of blood in the vessels of the uterus, umbilical cord and the fetus itself. In this case, the amount of oxygen in the blood of the umbilical cord increases.

In the study of practical data of obstetricians-gynecologists of coastal cities, it was proved that future mothers who constantly bathed in the sea in the 2-3 trimester of pregnancy are much less susceptible to edema and high blood pressure. Moreover, bathers' childbirth is less painful and faster, less often requiring surgical intervention and anesthesia.

Rules to be followed

The most important thing to do is to consult with the doctor who is seeing the pregnant woman. Only your gynecologist can say for sure whether pregnant women can swim, based on the specific situation. Among the obvious contraindications, the main one is considered to be high blood pressure. In late stages and with a difficult course of pregnancy, climatic conditions cannot be drastically changed, you need to refrain from long journeys.

The water temperature should be above + 22 ° C, and the sea state should not exceed 2 points. It is best to start bathing 1, 5-2 hours after a meal. The first bath should last no more than 10 minutes, gradually increasing to half an hour.

After arriving at the beach, do not immediately run into the sea, stay in the shade for 10-15 minutes. In order not to immediately freeze in the water, actively move.

It is advisable to swim at the same time of the day. In the evening from 4 pm to 5 pm, and in the morning until 10 am, stop bathing at the first sign of muscle fatigue.

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